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What Is Dr. Michiaki Takahashi Wiki?

Dr. Michiaki Takahashi Wiki is a world-known virologist, who had discovered first the virus of chickenpox. Before the world had seen the waves of deadly coronavirus, there was a time when people used to die due to chickenpox, and that was the time this great man with his greatness came and saved this world by denoting the virus, and later on, he gave the vaccine for it.

The world is still grateful for his contribution in the world of medicine and further research.

Personal Information

Dr. Michiaki Takahashi (Wiki) was born on 17th February in the month of February in the year 1928, in Osaka a big and popular city of today’s Japan. This is the time when we are celebrating his 94th birthday around the world.

Based on the city where we grew up he named the vaccine after that city only, and in the world the vaccine became popular by the name of Oka. The vaccine came into being in the year of 1974.

And immediately this vaccination got approved by the World Health Association. After the vaccine came into being it saved a million lives and its goodness had reached at least 80 countries.

Dr. Michiaki Takahashi Wiki
Dr. Michiaki Takahashi Wiki

Inclination towards Japan and Buddhism

Japan was the place where this person chose to work throughout his life, even at some poi t when a lot of lucrative offers came to leave the city, then also the dedication and loyalty towards staying in the country and sending a message of unity were very much static in him.

Takahashi had often told the readers through many interviews how Buddhism had helped him to grow and to make him calm from inside. The field of research is very Dynamic the constant pressure to.do good and to get motivated is a big deal altogether, but the way he was awarded with the subtle benefits of the religion, no one can ever come close to that.

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Buddhism had inherited the spree in him to always work for the people and to always expect very little from this materialistic world. It is on us how we we will handle the chaos, that can only decide the goodness of things. 

Academic Life

After achieving a medical degree from Osaka University, he went to pursue further studies in the world of viruses, and he started studying and continuing research in the fields of polio viruses and measles from the year 1959.

In the year 1963, he finally accepted a great offer that came on his way from the United States. He had gone to Baylor college by accepting the fellowship. But it was the peak time when the deadly waves of Chickenpox consumed the world population and his son was also not saved from its effect.

As his son was suffering badly he had to reject the offer and ended up concentrating on researching the main virus of chicken pox. After starting his journey in this domain finally he came up with the vaccine in the year of 1974. And his vaccine started its battle against Varicella Virus.

The virus which was initially taking millions of lives in no time. This vaccine was first gone for an entire trial where the first preferences were given to immunosuppressed patients. Firstly a lot of sceptical views came but later on a serious effectiveness engulfed the entire thing.

Turning point in life

In the year of 1994 Doctor had received an appointment letter from the microbial Department of Osaka University itself and he remained in the chair till the very last day of his retirement.

In 1997 this great personality was awarded VZVRF’s third Scientific Achievement Award, this again proved the importance of medical developments and its worldly benefits. Later in the year of 2008 he was again awarded with the Prince Mahidol prize.

How the world is remembering him

The world famous doodle artist Tatsuro Kiuchi, made a stroming Google doodle and that actually made us aware of his great personality and we all came to know about how invested his hard work for this work.

Not everybody was aware of his whereabouts but this doodle changed the entire scenario. In the year of2013 due to a massive cardiac arrest, we lost this gem of a soul, and now by celebrating his 94th Birthday Google is showing its respect by the doodle that most of the users have come to see.

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