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Leigh James is a top-selling writer of modern love of USA Today. She owns a grade in journalism from New Hampshire University and a degree in law from Suffolk University School of Law. She stays in New Hampshire along with her husband and kids.

Love doesn’t charge anything, yet everything.

Meanwhile, billionaire mogul James Preston who also appeared amongst the Hottest Bachelors in the tabloids employs an escort as a dating partner for his brother’s marriage; he understands that he is holding a risk. But one thing is sure that he won’t be stripping off the dress of the escort. All he wanted is a dating partner and not a girlfriend nor a relationship.

He even doesn’t want to have any form of strings, nor links, or any 0plays or lovemaking as he has his share of thoughts. Earlier, he lost someone special in his life that he was overly fond of, and so, he is no more curious to try it again. There is excessive possibilities for errors or adverse heartaches.

Brother’s wedding

He wanted to have a beautiful girl as his date who can walk the elite functions and doesn’t own fake make-up. Also, he doesn’t want to have a cheap one as he will have to walk down his brother’s wedding and accompany him in the Caribbean to his honeymoon.

He further adds up by saying that it was only a decade ago when he had hired an escort for himself and stayed penicillin. And now, he wanted to have a girl who passes the drug test and owns a valid passport and can be introduced to his family.

He adds more by saying that he owns all those he wanted for himself. But only he didn’t want to have a complicated bond and his family whispering him as gay. He doesn’t want to deal with his family all alone to hear such words for him, and so, he wanted to have a beautiful girl by his side to take her along and stop his family from making any further comments.

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He loved to stay alone with his gadgets. He doesn’t want to have any relation or affairs with anyone as he was already heartbroken and so, he decided to hire her. He wants to have a beautiful girl to wear a bikini and even owns a high-class attitude so his family couldn’t understand their fake relationship as his family is quick at finding the truth. 

It was an expensive deal, almost two hundred thousand dollars which included a two-week stay and travelling. Elena’s escort service was the most outstanding escort service on the East Coast. She would be a good dealer at her escort services. She had the most expensive and beautiful girls as her employee.

She approaches Audrey and tells her to be honest at work as this would be a long-term project where she would receive a lot of amounts and behave like a couple in front of Preston’s family at his brother’s wedding. For instance, Audrey was sceptical about why a billionaire would hire an escort for attending family functions as he makes up the “Hottest Bachelor” list. But she didn’t have any other option to prefer as the lump sum offered to her was a life-changing amount.

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Escort businesswomen

Elena, the escort businesswomen, were a good-looking one, as per Audrey. She wouldn’t like her so much as she was the one to push her in this job profile. However, she was forced to keep a smile on her face as she didn’t want to lose the project because it’s a week she didn’t receive any clients from Elena. It was a difficult time to pay even the rents of her house. So, she couldn’t just let go of this opportunity from her hand. Elena told her to be classy and packed her bag full of elite clothes.

Preston belongs to a Boston-Brahmin family, Elena added and told her to befit in their attire. She further tells her to introduce her as a college girl who is pursuing her study in graphic designing courses from New Hampshire. It had worked like magic for many ones in the past and because they wouldn’t be able to understand what graphic designing is all about.

Audrey is still uncertain about his loneliness and hiring an escort as a fake dating partner to introduce his family. But Elena shares with her about his past experiences, and so, she confirms that Mr Preston would change his mind once he sees her.

Audrey Reynolds turned out to be an expensive escort to hold her bro in his prestigious squad home. James Preston is her dream customer. Moreover, he provides her extra money for 15 days compared to her past payment records, while James Preston is tough to understand. He is handsome, disturbed, and owns two good characters as a human being compared to Audrey’s professional tastes.

Audrey is adamant about accomplishing her job rightfully and accumulates the money, so she makes an effort to entertain James’s order. Yet before she understands what’s taking place, he’s rephrasing the agreement.

While Audrey spends the night in James’s bed, he understood she’s all that he was looking for and all he has been escaping from. It was only because he doesn’t want to get into any bonds and even don’t want to repeat his past mistakes and so, he kept avoiding her. On the other side, Audrey was way polite to him and respected his decision. She kept her contract clean and as performed as per the rules made.

Audrey Reynolds gets real feelings for James Preston, but she thinks of completing her contract successfully as she needs to make a lot of money for retaining the safety of her brother Tommy while keeping her heart aside.

 Audrey wants to finish the assignment; she needs to make enough money to keep her brother safe. James is clear to get back her trust. While Audrey’s mother intimidates to reveal her profession, James holds the situation into his own hands. However, for James controlling his mother is a significant matter of concern as she believes her as a real menace to the family’s Preston name.

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