5 Best Cloud Services For Small Business Owners best.idealcigs.com

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It doesn’t matter if your business is small or big, as everybody needs to access their data on the go, with no hardware maintenance cost and overhead for maintenance for storage. The need to access data from anywhere for small businesses is increasing rapidly as cloud storage provides efficient solutions and is gaining popularity rapidly. Let’s learn about cloud hosting and analyze the 5 Best Cloud Services For Small Business Owners best.idealcigs.com.

5 Best Cloud Services For Small Business Owners best.idealcigs com
5 Best Cloud Services For Small Business Owners best.idealcigs.com

Options for data storage for small business

Before the introduction of cloud computing, every individual has to save their data on memory cards and hard drives, and damage to computers and mobile phones can happen easily, or you may lose it. You must require physical proximity to the device to access your store data.

The big tycoons and businesses usually store their data on a server of large size and are hosted in dedicated data centers. If you log into the corporate network, then only you can access your data, and it is also possible that you may not get access through the Internet or when you are on the move and stuff.

You have to maintain and ensure the data’s security, as it remains a challenge for individual and corporate servers as they must be dedicated to their support.

What do you understand about cloud storage and the 5 best cloud services for small businesses?

When you have to store your data, you take the help of a cloud service provider or cloud hosting company that’ll give you the excess of fix to site servers space. The hosting company owns and handles the required hardware, whereas the clients own the stored data.

You will get unlimited accessibility to store your data, which can be stored across one or many servers configured by the cloud hosting companies in their data centers.

Amazon Web service

The Amazon Web service AWS team will offer you a wide range of services in cloud hosting, and their plans include pay-as-you-go and pay less when you reverse. They also have the ability to pay even less per unit by using more and pains even less as the AWS grows and also have the custom pricing system.

In the pay, as you go, you will get the excess of one to pay only for the resources you have used, and it does not have any long-term commitment or upfront cost. You will also get the custom pricing feature as you might seek a customized solution.


Suppose you want the feature of secure file sharing, security for enterprise-level synchronization of files, platform costs, IT and admin control panels, and dedicated and reported Technical Support. In that case, you can choose the service of the Box.

The personal plans for the box service are free of cost, and they offer storage of 10 GB. The personal premium plans will cost you around dollar 10 per month for the storage of 100 GB.


Through the business of cloud hosting solutions, Dropbox claims that they have served more than 3,00,000 teams with its servers. The few well-known brands in Dropbox’s esteemed client list are Armour, national geographic and Spotify.

The basic plan for our individual does not have any cost, and they offer 2GB of storage, which comes with Microsoft 365. For the Plus plan family, the offers 2TB storage. They also have a standard business plan in which they offer us 5TB storage with a charge of dollar 15 per month.

Just cloud

More than 50 features are offered by just cloud, which includes the control panel for admin, network drives, permission and access management, do you redundant storage, versioning of files, hourly backup and many other things.

In their basic business plan, you have to pay around dollar 29.95 per month, which includes the storage of 100 GB of up to five computers and for the whole enterprise plan, you have to pay around dollar 59.95 per month, which includes the storage of 500GB with the space for 20 computers. You can also have a customized plan according to your budget and requirements for greater backup requirements.

Microsoft OneDrive

Through OneDrive, Microsoft is offering its cloud hosting service as a tech giant. For the single user, you can select the option of five GB storage which is completely free of cost, while if you need a higher capacity, such as 100GB or 1TB, or 60B, then it will cost you around dollars 1.99, 6.99 and 9.99 per month respectively.

If you choose the business plan, it will cost you around dollar five per month for storing 1TB, and it also comes with a free trial.

What we know so far

In the digital era, the word free of cost has many restrictions as free cloud storage has some limitations on the size and the type of data which can be hosted, bandwidth, utilization, performance, backup availability and support for the technical team. Those mentioned 5 Best Cloud Services For Small Business Owners best.idealcigs.com can be a great advantage as they will likely need to pay for the service that will meet their needs.

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