Aot Alternate Ending Read (Manga) Know The Attack On Titan!

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Aot Alternate Ending

Aot Alternate Ending is, like many others, a Japanese Manga comic series. This series is one of the most famous and most-watched series in the history of Anime. Hajime Isayama writes this amazing series, and the interesting fact is that he has also illustrated this series. One more interesting fact about this series is that this book involves many genres like Apocalypse and Apocalyptic fiction, Action fiction and Dark Fantasy.

Some of the main characters of this amazing manga Japanese series are Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlert and Reiner Braun. But his story mainly revolves around the character of Yeager. This series has been filmed in the studio named MAPPA, and the storyline has been adapted from both the volumes of the Aot Alternate Ending series.

Now this series is frankly one of the best because of its storyline, the story of this Anime is basically that there is a civilization that is frankly unnamed in many of the series, but it was famous because in this location the human beings were last known to live and yes, this story has been based around a hundred years earlier. Now this story becomes even more interesting when the fact comes to the shore that three walls have surrounded this civilization, and no one can go beyond that.

Now for the last humans living there, there arises another problem in some very large creatures who are some paranoid giants. The interesting thing is that the name of the community of those giants is called Titans. Hence, the name of the series is very well kept as the name tells how some of the strongest people amongst the last humans were able to fight those giants and save their civilization.

Aot Alternate Ending
Aot Alternate Ending

Now the giants showed in this series are even more dangerous as they have been shown in such a way that their main motive was always to kill all the humans and extinct them, which could lead the giants to have entire control over their civilization, but again some of the main characters of this series had taken the responsibility of killing the giants upon them, and some of those characters were Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman.

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Further in this article, we will discuss how there could have been an alternate ending to this amazing series. Now we know that the real ending of this series was the tragic death of the character of Eren Yeager, whose character had the potential to become the most favourite character of the majority of the audience that had watched it.

Now the alternate ending of this series could have been that the character of Yeager would not have died as his character was predominantly misunderstood, and if he had not died, this could have attracted a large audience for the next season if it was to be released.

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