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Aplitutos Com Whatsapp (2022) Latest Updated Version Here!

Aplitutos Com is an amazing website that helps to deliver notifications regarding applications and techniques to help smartphones perform better. It is an easy and user-friendly website.

Aplitutos is a developer that has come up with various versions of WhatsApp over the years. And on July 23, 2022, Aplitutos released the newest version of their WhatsApp application, and various names know that version.

What is Aplitutos WhatsApp?

Aplitutos Com has recently released its newest version on the WhatsApp application, and this version is also known as whatsapp plus v2022, Aplitutos Whatsapp, and gbwhatsapp pro v14.00.

Remember one thing WhatsApp is not an open source application that permits developers or aplitutos.com to alter the application. Several other applications, like Google Chrome, permit users to customize the application according to their requirements. However, WhatsApp is a standard application officially released by WhatsApp Inc.

Aplitutos Com

Meta has recently overtaken WhatsApp. Aplitutos Whatsapp was released with many exciting features that permit the user to customise WhatsApp, like inbuilt aeroplane mode in WhatsApp; because of this feature, the user receives call and messages only on their cellular network, and also WhatsApp permit VoIP and IM to go offline. Therefore, any third-party version of WhatsApp can be vulnerable.

Aplitutos Com WhatsApp plus has customised themes and menu options at the bottom right instead of the top right. Apart from this feature, the user has the option to find messages and mark them as read, also moved to the bottom of the application.


WebsiteAplitutos Com
Check onlineWhatsapp
AvailablePC and Mobile
What’s ForWhatsapp Users

Features of Aplitutos Com WhatsApp

There are several features of this latest version of Aplitutos whatsapp are-

  1. This new version permits the user to inbuild aeroplane mode in WhatsApp.
  2. With the help of this new version, the user can view private deleted messages by WhatsApp or download WhatsApp status.

Some information regarding the legitimacy of the Aplitutos Com website

The domain of Aplitutos Com was made on 11 February 2021 and expired on 11 February 2023. Now, the domain age is approximately one year and five months old.

Apart from it, the owner of this website has also discussed their cookies and other legal policies. The trust score of this website is more than 60% which is pretty good to believe in the legitimacy of this website.

Frequently asked questions

When did the new version of Aplitutos whatsapp launch?

The latest version of Aplitutos whatsapp was launched on 23 July 2022.

When did the domain Aplitutos.com expire?

The domain of the Aplitutos.com website expired on 11 February 2023 and was made on 11 February 2021.

Is this Aplitutos.com website safe to use?

Yes, the Aplitutos.com website is safe to use because the trusted score of this website is quite good, and this website also has a registered domain.


Aplitutos.com is an amazing website, and this website always provides the best feature for its users; this time, they released another interesting feature, a third-party application on WhatsApp.

People are very excited because it has several extraordinary features that users love to use.

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