Atsuko Blue Archive Reddit, Tier List (2023) Complete Details!

Atsuko Blue Archive
Atsuko Blue Archive

Fan of Blue Archive and Atsuko? If yes, you might want to know everything about this mysterious character. Right? I’ll mention everything about “Atsuko Blue Archive,” so make sure to read it till the end. Let’s start – 

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Atsuko blue archive

Hakari Atsuko is a student at Arius Branch School. She wields a submachine gun and is one of her school’s four members of the elite Arius Squad.

She doesn’t talk much but communicates well via signs. Her teammates call her “Princess.”  Saori, one of her squadmates, seems protective of her. 

Atsuko’s Personality

Her hair is lavender, and she keeps them tied into loose side braids with orange ribbons. Her eyes are dark red, although they are usually covered with a mask.

Atsuko’s Dress

She dons a long-sleeved white dress and a second black inner layer. Underneath that, she dons a black turtleneck. 

Over her white dress, she wears a black breastplate with the school’s logo. 

On top of that, she dons a white hoodie with black crisscrossed straps on the left sleeve. A long, loose lavender strap wound is placed around the jacket’s base. The school’s motto is sewn on the inner left of that jacket, whereas on the inner right, three black stars are attached. 

Two traditional smaller pouches are wrapped around her upper right arm. 

She wears white socks, which are held at the top with an orange ribbon. Over these, she wears black boots.  

⏩ She also has a pistol case on her left thigh. 

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Hakari Atsuko’s Halo

Her Halo is three white crosses diagonally. They have a dissimilar distance, and the centre cross is larger than the others.


She uses a CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1. It has the Arius logo decal on the receiver’s right side and a decal of her school’s motto on the left. 

Some other details about her – 

She is a 3-star striker tanker from Arius. Her attack type is explosive, and her defence type is special. She uses an SMF and uses obstacles as her cover. Besides, she has the power to heal allies and has massive evasion. 

She is mainly equipped with boots, a badge, and a necklace. The necklace is essential for her because she has the power to heal. As her EXakill, healing the allies within a moderate amount and lasting an average duration. 

Hakari’s HP recovery range is significant, and that is sufficient to heal the backline. Although this is not the best but is useful in many situations. Apart from this recovery skill, there is no limit on the number of students she can heal. 

She increases her evasion with her basic, enhanced, and subskill. All these types of skills are crucial for her to survive. 

⏩ You should not keep her HP less than 30% just to get an evasion buff. It’s considered risky in the game because most enemies can heal themselves from this. But she can’t protect herself from damage taken from that buff. 

Do you know? She hates students with high accuracy. 

Her Subskills will only activate if her HP is less than 30%. But it will instantly disappear when her Hp increase. 


She has high HP, healing, and evasion. When you combine her evasion with her basic and enhanced skills, it will be around a 2500 evasion rate

Most players use her in PVP because she is best suited there. Why? She keeps allies alive. She can easily defeat the enemy when they use Lori, Iroha, S. Mashiro, and Haruna

End Note

So this is some information about the Atsuko blue archive. I expect that you’ve found the information you were looking for. And one more thing – you can have her in your team because she is a good tank and is helpful on the first Hieronymus Insane. 

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