Jooust Student Portal Login (2022) Know Everything You Need!

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What Is Jooust Student Portal?

It is tough to get information regarding the university and the different courses. But for the students who are willing to apply at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology (Jooust Student Portal), it is quite easy.

Yes, Jooust Student Portal has their e-learning portal and student portal to help students with their queries. The main aim is to help students get all required information and allow students to study from any place.

One who is willing to join JOOUST and seek detailed information must check out the given information.

Jooust Student Portal

What is the JOOUST e-learning portal?

Every student can’t get formal education by attending university. It is why many must leave their education, but no more as JOOUST has come up with an e-learning system.

Students who are quite talented and studious but unable ot attend college or university can enrol themselves and study at their preference. 

Often, financial problems and responsibilities force students to leave their education and start working. So, for them, the JOOUST e-learning portal has come up with different courses where students can attend the class in their free time from their comfort place.

The virtual environment is designed just like the real class where professors take lectures and students attend them through their phone or computer.

It is easy for students to register themselves for JOOUST e-learning through their portal. The university imparts various courses to select one based on their criteria and liking. Students are required to visit to seek admission in e-learning through JOOUST.

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How does JOOUST students’ registration work?

JOOUST has come up with an online portal for new and old students. The portal helps students get information like new courses, exam schedules, results, e-materials, and much more.

So, one willing to get the detailed information regarding JOOUST is required to register at the portal. Follow the below-given steps to register at the JOOUST portal:

  • Students who are new and have not registered, visit and enter all the required details. 
  • Ensure to enter all the details properly as it will help the university have details about you and store information accordingly.
  • At the time of registration, students must enter the password, which will be used even in the future.
  • On successful registration, students will be allotted Reg. Number and password, which will further be used to access the account.
  • Students are requested to keep their Reg.Number noted at someplace, as it is very important and there are no ways to get it back.

How to Jooust Student Login?

Students who have already registered with JOOUST can log in with their credentials to access the account. So, to login, follow the given steps:

  • Visit to login with the portal.
  • Enter the Reg.Number and password and click on “Login”.
  • It will help to access the JOOUST account and get all the required information that is required.
  • If you forgot the password, there is an option to reset using the registration number.


What is the timing of re-learning class?

Yes, the portal is accessible 24*7, and thus there is no restriction of time and place. Students are free to access virtual classes at any time from any place. Therefore, students can carry out their work while studying in their free time.

Who created the JOOUST online portal?

The university’s management created an online portal to help students. It is very difficult for students to get detailed information, so management came up with an online portal to help them.


In all, the main aim of JOOUST to introduce the online portal or admission portal is to help students. There is no need to access different sites or ask one to get information about the university on courses.

Everything is available under the student’s portal, and even students are free to take admission by following the given instruction. So, students who cannot attend university register with e-learning and get the best education to have a successful career.

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