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Rate this post Xbmc Addon Not Working 2018: People who love funny videos can find different sites where it is available free of cost. One such site is that is entertaining people for a long time. The site is quite famous among people who love watching funny videos. As streaming videos are increasing, there are many apps like Kodi that are helping people give a better experience.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a software developed by Microsoft for Xbox, and so it is also called as XBOX Media Centre(XBMC). But today, it is not limited just to Xbox and can be used with Android TV, Windows, Mac, and even iOS. It is even possible to customize Kodi with different add-ons that are readily available on the internet.

Kodi is not a content provider but helps to stream your videos and content on the device. Many people use Kodi with to stream videos smoothly on their preferred device. But there was an issue where the XBMC add-on was not working with

Why was the Xbmc Addon Not Working 2018?

According to xbmc, add-on not working 2018 pdf shows people were facing and could not stream videos. Some reasons can work as a hindrance, and these issues are listed below: Xbmc Addon Not Working 2018 Xbmc Addon Not Working 2018
  • There are chances that your Kodi add-on is not working with because its developers no more support it. The older add-ons might be available, but they might not work, and this can be the issue for not streaming content.
  • Add-on has dependencies with them, and so in any case, if dependencies are uninstalled, an add-on might not work as required. Many times can harm your system, and in this scenario, it is better to avoid installing the add-on.
  • One who has installed a new version of Kodi for streaming might also face an add-on issue. As the latest version of Kodi might not support the older add-ons, which requires finding new add-on’s compatible with a more recent version.

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How to deal with add-on’s not supporting

The best way to deal with add-ons is to uninstall the add-on or the repository. If you have installed many add-ons and suddenly cannot stream, try uninstalling the recent add-on.

It is also possible to delete all the add-on and repositories to reinstall for smooth streaming of content. So, to delete the add-on, follow the given steps:

C: drive -> Users -> Name of the user account -> AppData ->Find the plugin and delete it.


  1. Why install Kodi add-on?

Kodi add-ons are best as they are lightweight, so it becomes easy to install. Moreover, installing these add-ons’ makes streaming more enjoyable and gives you nonstop entertainment.

  1. How can add-ons help users?

Installing Kodi add-ons can help its users to enjoy movies, videos, and even nonstop TV. There is a different add-on which are having its uses. So, one must install the add-on depending on its use.

If you are also facing an issue with the XBMC add-on while streaming, check out the given solution. It is also advisable to use a VPN with a Kodi add-on to have safe streaming. One is not required to pay a single penny to enjoy all these add-ons for streaming content. It would be best if you try different solutions given to make add-on working with

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