5 Best Ways To Use ChatGPT For Free

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ChatGPT has entered this rapidly advanced world of artificial intelligence and has proven to be a perfect revolutionary language model that has successfully attracted the imagination of people around the globe. A great multitude of possibilities has been opened because of the ability of ChatGPT to respond to the form of text just like humans. 

ChatGPT has amazing options for users who want to utilise this amazing facility without any financial commitment. This feature of sad GPT is considered the most attractive aspect of it. Doesn’t matter in which profession you are, whether a student, teacher, businessman or writer, ChatGPT will remain a perfect source of data for you. 

If you are also one of those who know about ChatGPT but are unaware of the ways where you can access it then the given article is completely for you. The given-mentioned ways will be very helpful for you to use ChatGPT for free. You will be amazed to learn about the vast applications of ChatGPT and how you can take benefit from it. 

5 Best Ways To Use ChatGPT For Free

Different Ways To Use ChatGPT For Free

Usage of ChatGPT is always the priority of users whenever they need to access artificial intelligence tools. You can visit this website at any time and it proves to be more advantageous for you if you use it in given mentioned ways:

1, Utilize ChatGPT Free

ChatGPT Free has been listed among the AI-trained models that are designed in such a way that you can visit this website comfortably and gain data about different concepts. 

ChatGPT Free

ChatGPT free is always preferred by users who want to access ChatGPT but cant visit its official website. This platform proved to be perfect in this situation and became very famous in a very short period. Now you can get artificial intelligence-based responses to any asked question from this amazing tool. 

2. Utilise HIX.AI Chrome Extension

Another effective way and that is by using HIX.AI. HIX.AI provides a Chrome extension that a person can access to use ChatGPT on any website. Here, you don’t have to sign in to ChatGPT but you will be required to sign in to HIX.AI by using your Google account. This Chrome extension can also be used to give responses by writing emails. The given steps can be followed to use HIX.AI:

  • Move to any web browser and install the HIX.AI Chrome extension.  
  • Then move to the extension tab and choose the option to sign into HIX.AI using your Google account. 
  • The next step is to move to any particular website and then initiate the command Ctrl + P. 
  • As soon as you type your question, the answer will be provided to you quickly. 

3. Utilise ChatGPTBot on Twitter Or replyGPT Twitter Bot

The above-mentioned will only allow you to reply to anything existing to it but now you can also start a conversation or can ask questions very easily by using ChatGPTBot. You can follow the given mentioned steps to use ChatGPT free on Twitter:

  • First of all, you have to move to the particular tweet and then ask the question that you want including the tag @ChatGPTBot. 
  • Next, you have to wait for some time, the provided response will be as accurate as the response you get from the ChatGPT website. 

If you use Twitter then you may know that it contains a lot of bot accounts that you can access to get the facility of ChatGPT. This will respond to your question very quickly and reply very comfortably and accurately. 

You only have to tag @replyGPT in the reply section of the tweet and the tool will automatically activate and reply to the particular tweet on your behalf. The most interesting fact about this way is that you can also generate different responses like funny, unique and even sarcastic. 

4. Utilise ChatGPT Telegram Bots

There is another way that you can follow to access the facility of ChatGPT alternative without signing up on the website and this way is through Telegram bots. You can start a chat with the AI model very easily just like a telegram chat. The given steps can be followed to use ChatGPT telegram bots:

  • You just have to move to telegram and search for the OpenAI GPT-3 DALL-E bot. 
  • A start button will appear, select it and your conversation with the AI model will start automatically. Your all queries will be solved by it easily. 

If the above-mentioned ways don’t satisfy you then we are here with another way and that is by using Bing AI search. The Bing search has been integrated with ChatGPT which will give responses to your asked question in the same way the ChatGPT website will provide. The steps to use Bing AI Search are as below:

  • Move to any web browser and access the Bing website. 
  • You will be asked to enter the query on the website. You will be provided with a personalised response through artificial intelligence used by Bing Website 

FAQs About ChatGPT 

  1. How To Use Chat Cpt To Earn Money?

There are different ways that you can consider to earn money through ChatGPT. These days include finding unclaimed money, production of a website or an app, searching for business ideas from ChatGPT, going ahead with email affiliate marketing, creating videos, self-publishing or writing e-books. 

  1. Can I Use It Without My Phone Number?

Lots of people are confused about whether their phone number will be needed to use ChatGPT or not. It needs to be clear that your mobile number will be needed to sign in to ChatGPT but if you don’t want to enter a phone number then you have the facility to use ChatGPT on other messengers and websites. 

  1. Is ChatGPT Unlimited?

ChatGPT is available unlimited for anyone to use and users can take benefit from it as long as they want. But if you use this tool more than enough then you may face slow response. 

Final Wording

Charge CPT never fails in providing authentic data to the users and doesn’t even require many formalities to use it. If you want to take complete benefit of this tool then you must know the ways to use ChatGPT without signing up. Make your learning more effective and enhanced by accessing the services of ChatGPT. 

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