Blox Fruit Dating Simulator, April Fools By Tort 2023!

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Blox Fruit Dating Simulator: The finest part of this game is that when you correctly use the codes it provides, Blox Fruits will provide you with secret titles.

Blox Fruit Dating Simulator codes, in contrast to Blox Fruits codes, are unique to each user.

Blox Fruit Dating Simulator
Blox Fruit Dating Simulator

What is Fruit Blox Fruit Dating Simulator?

The makers of Blox Fruits have produced a novelty game called Blox Fruit Dating Simulator. Because it can be downloaded on nearly any device, this game became popular right away. By clicking the link, you can get the Blox Fruit Dating Simulator.

This is a visual novel game with over 2500 blocks of dialogue, so read this entire post before searching for it on Roblox.

Blox Fruit Dating Simulator, which was created with Ren’Py, can be played on practically any platform, including mobile, PC, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Blox Fruit Dating Simulator will prompt you to paste the link to your Roblox profile before you can play.

I advise manually entering the URL to your Roblox profile since the recently released game does not support the paste key.

After entering the Roblox profile link, press the Enter button. When you do, you can play the game.

How to get secret titles in Blox Fruits?

You need two codes from BF Dating Simulator to unlock secret titles in Blox Fruits.

BF Dating Simulator must be launched before entering your Roblox profile link o receive codes. You must continue pressing the screen after manually entering it until you see several cards.

When you see the cards on the screen, you must complete them all or bring at least 5 or 6 to the 5th screen.

To complete the process quickly, you can also use Auto Clicker as the whole process can take up to 1 hour.

Once you have finished filling out these cards, click on the next page. When you do this, a bunch of cards will be displayed on the screen.

Now start typing anything on your keyboard. After you have to keep clicking on the screen until you are asked to choose a side.

When prompted, choose “Well, I guess Wenlocktoad made better points.”

After choosing this option, you have to keep clicking on the screen until you get a code.

As soon as you have the code written down, begin clicking on the screen to obtain the second code.

When you have two secret codes for Blox Fruit Dating Simulator, run it and input each one sequentially in the place where we utilise Blox Fruits codes.

After entering the code, press the Enter button. When you do, you’ll have a new secret title unlocked in Blox Fruits.

You now know everything there is to know about obtaining secret titles in Roblox Blox Fruits.

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