Btsptdlivecinemas Com (2022) BTS Permission To Dance On Stage!

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What Is Btsptdlivecinemas Com?

Btsptdlivecinemas Com: The famous Korean band of boys BTS is again in the news because of their upcoming concert. The best part is the concert would be broadcasted in theatres in many countries, and people can enjoy them live.

Due to the pandemic, it was impossible to perform, so there were no concerts, but once again, BTS got permission to conduct a live concert in SEOUL. People willing to enjoy them lie can book tickets and get further information regarding the concert on Btsptdlivecinemas Com.

So, if you, too, are a BTS fan and willing to enjoy them live, go through the article to know more about the event. There are some selected countries where the live broadcast would be conducted, and people must have an early booking of tickets.

For the first time, a live concert would be broadcasted on the big screen in many regions of the world. It would be a new experience for BTS and even their fans.

Btsptdlivecinemas Com
Btsptdlivecinemas Com

What is the date of the live performance?

After a long time, BTs got permission for live performances in Seoul, and for the first time, it will be broadcasted live in theatres. The concert will be 3 days long, but fans will be able to see the live broadcast of the concert only on 1 day.

The performance dates are 10th March, 12th March and 13th March but the fans can enjoy the show on 12th March only.

As per the announcement by Bighit Music, ARMY, who is also known as the fan base of BTS, would be having a great time as it will feel like a live performance. Theatres have already started booking tickets for the show on Btsptdlivecinemas Com depending on your location. 

Which ways would the concert be viewed?

The rules and regulations are changing from region or region, so before booking tickets, check it out. There are three types of ways in which the show would be broadcasted, and it is as follows:

  • Live performance: It would be a live broadcast from Seoul to the theatres.
  • Delayed live performance: Here, the live performance will be captured and shown later.
  • Repeat Performance: The captured video from the live feed will be shown later.

How to get information on the live BTs concert?

Real fans of BTS are excited to hear that they can watch the concert live from their city on the big screen. So, to stay updated regarding the latest information about BTs performance, register at the site. Follow below gives steps for signing up:

  • Visit for registration.
  • Enter name, email address, region, city, age, and state. The registration is available only for the people living in the United States.
  • The site also asks permission whether you want to allow your details to HYBE (South Korea) or not. It is completely dependent on the user.
  • Lastly, click on “Subscribe” to register and stay updated.


When are tickets going to avail for the BTS show?

The date has already been announced, and it will be available on Btsptdlivecinemas Com. In Asia, the tickets booking will be starting on 24th February at 10 AM while globally it would start on 23rd February, 12 AM.

In which continent can fans watch live broadcasting?

Many regions are already added to the site for BTS live cinema. It would be in Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan in Asia. It will also be available in other continents like North America, South America, Europe, and Australia. 

How to get tickets?

If you live in the region where the show will be broadcast, visit to book your tickets. Select the city and theatre to book your tickets.


So, book your tickets if you are also a true fan of BTs and live in any of the listed regions where the show would be broadcasted on theatres. It is advisable to check the guidelines and make sure how the show would be viewed. People in other regions where the show is not broadcasted on the big screen would watch it later.

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