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Budokai is a fighting game first released as Dragon Ball Z in Japan. Dimps developed it. Infogrames Bandai published it. Now, let’s dive into budokai roblox wiki.

Skills in the Budokai Roblox game

A skill tray customizes each character in the game. Players are permitted to choose upto seven skills. After choosing the skills, they can give them to their fighter. These skills can also be purchased in the edit skills mode from Mr Popo.

Budokai Roblox Trello
Budokai Roblox Trello

Types of skills in the game

There are three different types of skills in the game-

  • Special moves

Special moves cover skills like Kamehameha, Super Saiyan, etc. 

  • Physical

It comprises skills like Zanky Fist. 

  • Equipment

An example of equipment skills is senzu bean. 

Budokai roblox trello

When you search for Budokai Roblox Trello, you won’t get any information regarding this. These two sites will appear for Budokai Trello, and they have no data regarding it. Other websites will also appear as a result of the search, but they have information about Budokai, not Budokai Roblox Trello. 

Budokai Roblox races

It’s a game which is famous for its race too. So here are the top three races conducted in the Budokai-

  1. The Legendary Super Saiyan
  2. Dragon ball budokai sphinx
  3. Dragon ball budokai jinago. 

Budokai Roblox discord

There are various discord servers dedicated to Budokai. You can join any of them and easily connect with the Budokai players. 

Some of the Budokai Roblox discord servers are-

  • Bio android empire
  • Dragon ball Z budokai
  • Bane unincorporated, etc. 

Budokai scripts 

Scripts are kinds of codes run by instructors. These scripts can be used in any game with the help of a script executor. 

How can you run Budokai Roblox scripts?

Running a Budokai script is easy. Just two steps and the work is done. 

  1. Download any exploit.
  2. Run the script with any executor app. 
  3. That’s it. 

Note- these scripts can stop working after any update in the Budokai update. 

Be cautious while downloading any script executor, as they can harm your device. So only download them from a reliable source. Some examples of script executors are- Fluxus, skisploit, furk ultra, sirHurt, nonsense diamond, etc. 

From where can you get a Budokai Roblox script? 

You can look for “budokai roblox script” on your web browser. Then visit any website you think is reliable. 

By visiting it, download the Budokai Roblox script and use it in your game

Budokai Roblox codes

There are no exact Budokai Roblox codes. But various Budokai cheats and tips are given by various websites. 

Some of the hints are-

  • Start fighting fully transformed.
  • Fully powered super attack
  • Dragon player, etc. 

Budokai roblox controls

Budokai is a game where controls are essential to play. Below listed are the controls-

  • L – it’s for the lock on.
  • V – it refers to the execution over a knocked body. 
  • Double space – you can use it for flying. 
  • Q – it is used to fly down. 
  • C – it’s for carry.
  • Left mouse – for making the light attack.
  • Right mouse – intense attack. 
  • These are some common controls in the game. 

Budokai Roblox coordinates

There are various locations in the Budokai Roblox. So you need to know the location, and then you can look for the Budokai Roblox coordinates. Following are some Budokai Roblox coordinates and locations in the game


 A land inhabited by Mira’s army. 

Some of the Locations under this are-

Invader clinic area

  • Harbor
  • Clinic field
  • Repair shop
  • Spaceship field
  • Junk hole, etc. 

Prison camp area-

  • LV 3 Jail area
  • Central camp area, etc.

Central guard area. 

Fran Fran desert

This desert in the North is the home to nam and giran. 

Locations under this Budokai Roblox coordinates are-

 Bee village area

  • Bee village
  • Giant cactus
  • Galle valley
  • Mirage hill, etc. 

Taora area

  • Scissors rock
  • Fran farm
  • Tingking plain, etc. 

Giran’s area

  • Chingching rock
  • Salt pillar coast
  • Mirage fountain, etc. 

Korin forest

It is the home to the korin and karinga tribes. 

Some Locations under this coordinate are-

  • Karinga village
  • Cashew tower
  • Pista tower
  • Almond tower
  • Karinga ancient forest
  • Axe rock
  • Ariagra falls, etc. 

Mushroom rocks North

Locations under this Budokai Roblox coordinates are-

  • Mushroom processing plant
  • Bug bug crater
  • Fuel tank
  • Pilaf fountain
  • Yura valley, etc. 

Mushroom rocks south

Here, the surface is reddish. 

Locations under this are-

  • Pilaf castle
  • Isuri lake
  • Mushroom gang east
  • Fairy circle
  • Moonview, etc. 

There are many more coordinates and locations under them. 


I’ve mentioned every detail about the Budokai Roblox wiki. I hope you have liked the information about Budokai Roblox. In case you need to know anything more, the comment section is for you. 

Frequently asked questions

Is Budokai a fighting game?

The answer is straightforward- Budokai Roblox is a fighting game.

Which is the best Budokai game?

Well, it totally depends on your choice; which one you like the most.

What is the meaning of Budokai in Japanese?

It means martial or military.

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