Piso WiFi Pause Time, Logout – Know All Features!

3.5/5 - (482 votes) Piso Wifi – It is one of the Philippines’ greatest internet providers. PISONET, which was an arcade-style internet, formed the foundation of Piso wifiPiso wifi was founded in 2017 and rose to prominence in a short period.

Users can access the internet using coins in this system. We could say that PISONET gives meaning to the term “one-peso internet.” PISONET was launched in 2011, but in 2017 it was replaced by Piso wifi. Piso WiFi Piso WiFi

vending machine is used to deliver this service. This is a rental internet service that you can buy with coins. This PisoWi-Fi Service is for people who can’t afford internet packages or who want to save money on internet service.

This is created so that anyone, even non-technical persons, may easily gain access to the internet connection. The Piso wifi Portal, or, is the router’s default gateway.

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What is piso wifi pause time?

Piso wifi pause time is a function that lets the users pause their internet connection. It can be used to avoid over-using the data. When the time is paused, the user doesn’t have to pay for data usage every time they disconnect. It is also helpful in taking a break from the internet. 

Wifi namePiso Wifi or Pisonet
IP Address10.0.0.1
Country for usePhilippines & USA
AvailabilityGoogle Play store (Only for Raspberry Pi 3 model B with Adopisowifi Image)
Launched on2011
Piso Wifi Vending machine2017
PopularityLow Cost jojo piso wifi

Currently, the information about Jojo piso wifi isn’t available. ej piso wifi

We’re sorry to report that we don’t have any information available at the moment regarding the ej Piso WiFi.

As soon as we have any updates, we’ll let you know. kim piso wifi

We regret to inform you that we don’t currently have any details to share about the Kim Piso WiFi. 

However, we’re keeping a close eye on this, and as soon as any information comes to light, you’ll be the first to know. Joy Piso wifi pause Joy Piso wifi is a service that provides wifi to people at Sasa 12, 8000 Davao City, Davao Del Sur in the Philippines. 

The contact information of joy piso wifi is – +639226770103. Michael Piso Wifi

We currently don’t have any deets about Michael Piso WiFi. 

But worry not; the moment we find anything about this WiFi, we’ll update you. Liam Piso Wifi 

Information about Liam Piso wifi is also not available yet. 

Apart from this topic, details of the following topics are also not available – 

  • Panay Piso Wifi
  • James Piso Wifi
  • Mel Piso Wifi
  • piso wifi 24/7

We’ll update you as soon as we receive anything about these topics.

What Is 10.0.0..1 Pause Time?

10.0.0..1 pause time pause time is a feature given on the 10.0.0..1 portal to enable users to pause time, or you can say stop the internet connection for a specific period of time.

Most people don’t use internet services 24*7, but still, they have to pay for that. And to help people in saving money, the platform has provided a pause time feature. 

Along with money-saving, it also has many other advantages, like it helps people stay away from the internet whenever they want, speed of the connection can be restored using it, saves bandwidth, etc.

What are the advantages of Piso Wifi Pause Time? 

There are several pros of Piso wifi pause time; the main of those are – 

  • It permits the users to stop the internet connection for a particular time. 
  • It is very useful for users when they want to stay away from the internet. 
  • Helps users in saving money. 
  • The internet speed slows down when many users are connected to wifi. In that case, the pause time feature helps a lot. Users can use it to restore speed by preventing others from using it. 
  • During server outage situations, this feature helps a lot in saving bandwidth. 

These are some of the pros of the Piso wifi pause time feature. Piso Wifi Insert Coin

You can use ado piso wifi to insert coins. The steps for inserting coins are as follows – 

  • Connect to adopisowifi. 
  • Go to the official website of > click on insert coin. 
  • And then add the coins you want. 

Piso Wifi pause time app

There are many applications available on the play store to pause Piso wifi time. But it is suggested to do it manually. The manual way is a bit saver as it prevents others from saving your data. Besides, it also doesn’t need any space on your device. 

So choose whether you want to use apps or want to use the official portal. 

If you want to do it from the official portal, you can follow these steps – 

  • Visit your browser and search for or click on – to visit it directly. 
  • Enter your login details and then click sign in. 
  • Click on “pause time” there. 
  • And that’s all. 

⏩ If you want to pause the time regularly for a specific time period, you can set that duration, and then it will turn off automatically during that. 

The following devices are compatible with it:

Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptops

Any wifi-enabled device.

How do you pause time in piso wifi? 

Pausing the time requires just two steps – 

  • Open any browser you wish and move to
  • Tap on “pause time.” 

And whenever you wish to resume your internet connection, you can tap on resume time.

How to login into Piso wifi?

You might be able to utilise your router if you have one at home.

Here’s the guide to login to piso wifi zone – 

  • Open any browser > enter in the search bar and run the search. 
  • Once you do it, you’ll be shown some results. Visit the official one. 
  • The login page will open now > enter your username and password

To directly visit the web page, you can type http://10.0.01

⏩ The username and password aren’t the same as your wi-fi network. If you haven’t changed them before, the default credentials are – 

Username = admin

Password = password (if it doesn’t work too, you can check other default passwords). 

⏩ If you are logging in for the first time, changing the password is highly suggested before doing anything else. Leaving it just like that isn’t a safe move. 

Router BrandUsernamePassword
LPB Piso WiFiadmin

List of Default Password and Username for Piso Routers

The following is the list of default passwords and usernames you can use to log in to Piso wifi. 

(Blank)Printer on router

How to change piso wifi network password? 

Follow this guide – 

  • Ensure you’re connected to wifi > go to http // piso wifi web page. 
  • Now, a login window will show > enter your password and username there > login
  • Head on to the left menu > go to gateway > tap on connection > click on wi-fi
  • Go to the private wi-fi network section > see your wi-fi network’s name here. 
  • Flick on edit option given in front of your wi-fi network name. 
  • Click on New password in the network password section. 
  • Change the password and save it. Piso Wifi Pause Time Machine Price

The cost of a Piso wifi vendo machine is around 19k. Additionally, you will also get the following things with this machine – 

  • Lifetime Support
  • A warranty of three months
  • 11 meters UTP cable
  • One pc outdoor CPE antenna
  • 5 meters UTP cable 

Features of this machine include – 

  • Plug and play 
  • It can block malicious websites.
  • Time adjustment
  • Signal Range
  • 12 volts
  • Bandwidth is the same for each user.
  • 1, 5 and 10 peso coins can be inserted into it. 
  • CPE antenna 
  • Two hundred devices can connect at the same time. 

⏩ Ado pisoft and lbp piso wifi machines are considered the most reliable ones. 

Ado Piso wifi portal

Ado piso wifi portal permits the users to – pause time, insert coins and change adopisoft settings.

The steps to connect to ado piso wifi as a vendo customer – 

  1. Go to any browser and then search for
  2. Tap on buy wifi/buy voucher/buy eLoad
  3. Insert the coins to start internet services.
    • If you have a voucher code, you can enter it to start using the internet. 
  4. After this, you’ll get connected to the hotspot machine. 

The steps to log in to ado piso wifi for vendo owners – 

  • Search for in any browser. 
login page
  • Enter the login details – username and password.
    • If you don’t know these, you can try to log in using the default username and password. Username – admin and password – admin. 
username and password
  • And that’s all. The ado piso wifi admin dashboard will open after this. 

How to generate vouchers on adopisoft? 

The steps are simple – 

  • Open menu. 
  • Go to sales and then to vouchers. 
  • Tap on the “generate vouchers” option.
  • After that, select the asked things like time allocation, code prefix, length, expiration, speed of uploading and downloading, etc. 
  • Lastly, tap on Generate vouchers. 

What is piso wifi vendo? 

It is one of the most excellent internet service providers and was established in 2017. It permits the users to set a time for pausing and restarting their internet. 

How to pause piso wifi vendo? 

  • Go to and just tap on pause time. That’s all. 

What is LPB piso wifi pause time? 

LPB Piso wifi pause time

It is a well-organized platform that is designed in advanced form. It works like a browser and has clear and advanced services. 

Following are some of its features – 

  • Best server, site blocking, charging stations, user management, online machine monitoring, accumulated rates, radius server, and customizable portal. 

Benefits of lpb Piso Wifi Pause Time

This is one of the handiest internet services for folks who can’t pay or want to be frugal.

The telecom corporations profit from the low-cost internet service.

The IP address is so important and useful that it can be used many times.

With the help of a rate management system, the administrator may manage it from anywhere.

It aids you in dealing with bandwidth, users, and, most importantly, rate time.

It is so perfectly constructed that anyone can use it at any moment without having to go through a lengthy procedure.

Most importantly, it is nearly free, and no internet packages for modest internet-related tasks are required.

How to pause piso wifi?

When numbers are presented to us, we are often overwhelmed, but you do not need to be concerned if you are experiencing connectivity issues.

You won’t get very far without understanding the applications of Piso wifis default gateway. So, before you leave your troubles behind, here are some facts to consider.

You’ll be able to manage your internet access by entering that portal using the code.

You’ll be able to choose whether or not to allow connections, how much bandwidth you want to use, and how much money you want to invest. But you’re probably wondering how you can halt time on Piso wifi.

Here’s how to make it work in your favour

You may quickly pause or resume your internet connection by visiting the address. If you don’t want your money to go down the drain, this option of halting your wifi time can be useful. piso wifi voucher code list free

⏩ Voucher codes expire after a specific time period. So there are chances you won’t be able to use the above-mentioned ones after some time. So don’t get worried and search for the latest ones. 

1RC7iCy1 Hr 0 minFreenext 1 hrs
246qXtw1 Hr 0 minFreenext 4 hr
3YS5rGX1 Hr 0 minFreenext 2 hr
4VSUJg51 Hr 0 minFreenext 1 hr

Unable to access 10.0.01?

Unable to access 10.0.01

Sometimes, users face problems accessing the web page. But they don’t know the solutions. Are you one of them? Yes? Read these details – 

  • You haven’t typed the correct IP address. Many people type it as, but that’s wrong. So check if you also have mistaken the spelling. 

Note = it’s zero, not O. So don’t type O in place of zero. 

  • Restart your wi-fi and router > wait for some minutes > reconnect to your network. 
  • There can be a case of a network outage, so check whether you are able to visit other websites. If not, you have to try again after some time. 
  • Clear the cache and cookies of the browser you are trying to log in from. 
  • Reset your router to factory settings. Unplug the router power > press the reset button given at its back for around 10 seconds. If the lights start blinking, consider that you have reset it to the factory settings successfully. 

⏩ Consider this your last option because it will change all the manual settings. 

Piso Wifi Customer Support

You can reach the customer support team from the official portal of piso wifi. The customer care agent will ask for your login credentials and personal information. 

⏩ The support services are only available to the people who have purchased vouchers. 

For further queries, you can visit the ado piso wifi portal. 


  • Ads that irritate you

When you connect to a public wifi network, you may be bombarded with advertisements, which is a money-making scheme.

The wifi service is free, and they aren’t charging you anything for it. On the other side, they are paid well by the ad businesses due to your clicks.

  • Low levels of security

There are various security risks with a public wifi network, and this is a result of the fact that multiple users utilise the network simultaneously from the same location.

As a result, if your device’s firewall isn’t up to par at the time of your access, you run the risk of transferring confidential data (such as passwordspins, and other sensitive information) over the network. The simple rule is to avoid accessing any confidential data while using a public network.

  • Low-speed operation

Several users are generally connected to a public WiFI network at the same time. As a result, a significant amount of bandwidth is lost, resulting in poor network speed.

As a result of the increased user load, the connection may potentially fall altogether, which can be extremely frustrating after a while. This is an issue that must be addressed.

I hope the above-mentioned answers are clear to you. But if you face any doubts, you can ask me in the comment section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a network?

Setting up Piso wifi only requires a few minutes. Here are the steps for that –

⚫Connect your Piso router to the internet  
⚫Enter in the search bar of any search engine.  
⚫Enter the details – username and password  
⚫Search for wifi or wireless after logging in.
⚫Fill in the information asked and then click on the save option.

What is a IP address?

It is a private IP address that can only be used in private settings like home, etc. 

What is the username and password?

Password and username are the credentials that will let you log in to Without these, you can’t sign in. 

How can I check my remaining time in piso wifi?

Login to wifi portal and then the remaining time will appear on the screen.

How can I find my password? 

If you haven’t changed your password before, just try the default passwords. But if you have changed and don’t remember it, you can use the forget password feature. 

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