Buy A Man Eat Fish (Video) Whole Incidence!

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Buy A Man Eat Fish

Buy A Man Eat Fish: Social media is a part of our life today. But many people are misusing this platform is spreading wrong and fake news. One such incident is also spreading all over the social media platform regarding Joe Biden. It is said that he jumbled up two quotes, and this shows his sense of humour. According to the post, the quote as said by Biden is, “Buy a man eat fish, he day, teach fish man, to a lifetime.”

The actual proverb is, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” It means that it is better to teach them how to fish to feed themselves for a lifetime. The post is just to show Joe is an unintelligent and confused person.

Based on research, there is no evidence that Biden says the proverb. The post is viral on all the popular social media platforms, and many people claim it is just to make fun of the president. The quote is not present in the president’s official account, nor is it in politwoops which works as an archive for all publicly deleted posts.

Many researchers are still going on to find the real person who shared this news on social media. Even press and public’s remark does not show that the post is true. So, it is hard to say whether Biden mixes the quiet or not.

Buy A Man Eat Fish
Buy A Man Eat Fish

Today many people blindly follow Joe Biden and are highly impressed by his work. So, for them, the post is just mockery, and it is to defame Biden. In contrast, some other comments that the president is insane, and the post proved that. Many people wave commented on the post and shared from their social media account just for fun. 

Joe Biden has seen struggles in his childhood, and many times his verbal blunder landed him in trouble. People who do not favour the president take advantage of such an opportunity to dishonour him. This post is viral, and so The Associated Press is doing deep research to check the information and the person who has circulated this false information.

The facts and reports by various press prove that the post is “False.” Many people are looking forward to it as funny and don’t find it so important. But there are comments negative about Joe Biden that show his intelligence and humour. There are several other incidences where people take advantage and try to defame Biden.

No Doubt Joi Biden has created many blunders in his political career, but this new son jumbled quote is false. No evidence or research shows Biden has quoted this post to teach people. Joe Biden’s opponent and the true follower of former president Trump, look out for such occasion to prove the Joe Biden is not the perfect president. 

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