Coder Says Created Automated Campsite Reservation

Coder Says Created Automated Campsite Reservation
Coder Says Created Automated Campsite Reservation

Wanna know about the incident the coder says created automated campsite reservation? Welcome..!! I’m gonna discuss the same, so please read till the end. 

What is the program about? 

A coder is claiming that he has successfully written a script that fosters priority and systematic access to BC park’s reservation places.

How did he do this? He used a selenium extension for this. Selenium permits people to write an automated script instead of manually filling in a website page. 

It allows you to save the data you enter once and then redo all those actions automatically without having you fill in the data manually. 

How did the information about this script get out?

The code himself posted on Reddit that he had spent five hours writing a script that properly automates the reservation process. And the script he has written is faster than people manually filling in their information. 

Why did the developer create the program? 

In British Columbia, campsites are limited, and that’s why they are heavily trafficked. People often get annoyed while reserving for those sites.

To make this reservation process easy, it automates the whole process. It permits the user to reserve the slot whenever it becomes available quickly. 

The program doesn’t even require the user to monitor for the availability of spots. So the user can freely use the script, and it will make their work easy. 

Why is the coder guilty about the program he created? 

The script is a remorse to the coder. Not exactly the script, but his decision to share it with friends.

He believes that he has made a mistake by sharing that with his friends. They may have already passed the program to others. 

BC Parks claims that they have software to prevent this kind of workaround and are inspecting the coder’s statement. 

End Note 

So this was all the available information regarding coder says created automated campsite reservation.

Wanna ask any questions about this program? Ask me below (in the comment section). 

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