Jojo Crusaders Heaven Trello (2022) Codes, Tier List & Wiki & Skins!

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Crusaders heaven is a new game in Roblox developed by Nooby Fuzzball. Many new updates are still coming to the game because it is new. The main aim of the players in crusaders heaven wiki is to get skins.

Crusaders heaven Trello

There is no information available regarding crusaders heaven Trello. Even if you search for this, you will get no exact results. 

What are Crusaders heaven Trello skins?

Crusaders heaven skills are just cosmetic items based on the characters’ look. These are the items that help in making the character look different from others. Moreover, these don’t affect the performance of any character.

Crusaders Heaven Trello
Crusaders Heaven Trello

How can you get the crusaders heaven skins?

Getting crusaders heaven Trello skins is not difficult. There are a variety of skins available that players can unlock. And various ways are there to unlock the skins. Following are the ways-

  1. Via weird arrows

These are found randomly, and when you pick them up, these provide various rewards. The rewards differ; they can be a new stand skin, new character, or anything. However, the chances of getting skin are 50%. 

It is one of the best methods to get skins, so you should always try to get weird arrows. 

  1. Shiny mushroom

When the players collect the shiny mushroom, there is a 25% profitability of changing the player’s current skin into a shiny one.

Weird arrows also have this feature, but the chances are only 1%. 

  1. Holy mushroom

It is considered the most reliable way to get rare crusaders heaven Trello skins. Holy mushrooms have a 100% probability of giving you rare skin. So if you encounter a holy mushroom, you can get it.

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Article ForJojo Crusaders Heaven Trello (2022) Codes, Tier List & Wiki & Skins!

Now, let’s come to the crusaders heaven skin tier list. 

Here is the short crusaders heaven skin tier list

  • Shiny Star Platinum
  • Manga Star Platinum
  • The Platinum
  • Moss Platinum
  • Platinum
  • Silver Chariot OVA
  • Gold Chariot
  • Shiny Killer Queen
  • White Killer Queen
  • Violet The Hand
  • Shiny The Hand
  • Manga Gold Experience
  • The World’s Greatest High
  • Bloody World
  • Shiny Crazy Diamond
  • Shiny King Crimson: Doppio
  • The Night
  • Black The World
  • Dark Experience Requiem
  • Void Experience Requiem
  • Volcanic Experience Requiem
  • 24k Gold Experience Requiem
  • Shiny Gold Experience Requiem
  • Violet Crimson
  • Shiny King Crimson
  • Dark Crimson
  • Manga King Crimson
  • Shiny Star Platinum: The World
  • The World Alternate Universe: High Voltage
  • Oreo The World Alternate Universe
  • Demon The World Alternate Universe
  • Killer King

Crusaders heaven discord

By joining the crusaders heaven discord server, you can join the community of players. 

Some of the crusaders heaven discord server links are-

Here is the link to the three servers. If you want to join more, you can search for ” crusaders heaven discord“. After searching, you will get the list of servers, so you can easily join whichever you want. 

You can talk to other players and get to know more details about unusual arrow crusaders heaven on these discord servers.

Crusaders heaven codes

There are no crusaders heaven codes introduced yet. So there are no details about the function of these codes. 

I would suggest you keep an eye on crusaders heaven Roblox game page. So that you can get to know about the codes if any are dropped. 

Crusaders heaven controls

Each key has different functions in the crusaders heaven game. Here are crusaders heaven controls-

  • X – ultimate skill
  • Z – is pressed to move
  • C – is pressed for a stun move.
  • R – for performing a heavy punch, press R.
  • E – it is hold for the barrage 
  • Q – it is pressed to summon the stand of the player.
  • M1 – it is used for performing light punches. 
  • F – is pressed to block. 
  • T – is used for performing a ranged move. 

These are the keys for controlling various actions in the crusaders heaven game. 

Inferno chariot crusaders heaven

When you search about inferno chariot crusaders heaven, you will only get the results about the silver chariot in the game. There is no clear information detailed about inferno chariot crusaders heaven. 


Crusaders heaven is a newly introduced game in Roblox. Various updates are still coming in the game. I’ve mentioned every detail about crusaders heaven wiki. I hope you have liked the information regarding the crusaders heaven wiki. 

Frequently asked questions

How rare is shiny skin in crusaders heaven?

If you encounter a weird arrow, there is only a 1% chance of getting shiny skin. Whereas in case you encounter a shiny mushroom, the probability of getting a shiny skin is 25%.

What is the Holy Bible in the crusaders heaven?

It is an item in the game supposed to be of Jesus. The players can find this item in various spawn locations on the map. 

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