Deadly Sins Retribution Trello, Codes, Tier List, Best Magic & Wiki

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Deadly sins retributions is a Roblox game inspired by anime revolving around only three things – magic, enemies, and mastering the sins. Have you also heard about this and are here to get the details of this anime-inspired Roblox game? You’re at the right article; I’ll give details about deadly sins retribution Trello here.

Deadly sins retribution Trello

Many Roblox games have their own Trello pages created by developers. And these Trello pages contain the most information about the particular game. The deadly sins retribution Trello page contains information about it, including a basic introduction and other information about the game; anyone can visit the Trello page. 

Deadly Sins Retribution Trello
Deadly Sins Retribution Trello

Deadly Sins Retribution best magic.

Magic is an integral part of this game and has seven types of magic. Following is the list of all seven magics- sunshine, darkness, lightning, wind, blaze, frostbite, and earth. 

Earth – there is a 60% probability that you’ll get this magic from the magic spin, so it is considered the most common one. 

Frostbite – this magic can both be fatal and helpful for the gamer, and there is only a 13% probability that the player will get this from the magic spin. It is difficult to implement. 

Blaze – this magic is kinda a support move that provides the player with immunity. It has a probability of just 9.99%.

Wind – it is third in the magic list and has only a 3% probability of appearing from the spin. 

Lightning and darkness – Both these stand at the second position in the magic list and have an appearing probability of only 2%. Lighting is the magic that causes maximum harm to the enemy. 

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Sunshine (the best one)

 It is the best magic in the list but doesn’t have the best executable moves. These magic moves can decimate the enemy at close range as it is told that it is the best, so it only has a 0.01% probability of appearing from the magic spin. 

Deadly sins retribution codes

There are various working codes for deadly sins retribution that the player can use for redeeming some free spins in the game. Below is the deadly sins retribution codes list-

New codes-

  • quickfix2 – five spins for each type. 
  • quickfix – five spins for each type. 
  • eventtime – ten spins of each type + 2x exp.
  • yetanotherbugfix – ten spins of each type + 2x exp.
  • anotherbugfix – for ten spins of each type. 
  • Some previous working codes- 
  • 50klikes – it is the code for ten spins + 200 seconds of 2x exp. 
  • horizon – for twenty spins of each.
  • fabdelay – for twenty spins of each.
  • updatesoon – for 2xp 15 minutes.
  • thankyou1000 – for twenty spins of each + 2x exp. 

All these are the deadly sins retribution codes you can redeem, but the process is a bit different. 

Here is the process – 

  • Open the game > press customize > flick on race and magic > fill in the codes > tap on enter. 

Deadly Sins Retribution tier list 

Below is the deadly sins retribution tier list of races- 

Human – it is the most common race. 

Fairy – in this race, fairy wigs boost their magic, and it is considered the second most common race in the deadly sins retribution game. 

Vampire – it is perceived as a rare race in which the vampire builds his own wealth. 

Goddess – it is the most skilled race in magic. The players encounter a powerful hold attack in the higher clan levels. 

Demon – it is another rare race where the demon has the ability of boosting its defense. 

Deity – it is a powerful class that has skills of self-healing. 

Curse – it is another race in the game. 

Deadly Sins retribution wiki

Well, till now, the game doesn’t have a wiki. Although it can get one in the future, the chances are less because the deadly sins retribution game is simple, and Trello has all the data any user needs to know about. 


If you’re a fan of anime-based games, you can try playing Roblox’s deadly sins retribution game. It has various amazing things players enjoy a lot. I’ve also mentioned the codes, etc., in the above article; I hope all this information will help you to play the game in a better way. 

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