Diao Aiqing Crime Scene Photos 2023!

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Diao Aiqing Crime Scene Photos
Diao Aiqing Crime Scene Photos

Diao Aiqing Crime Scene Photos: Shengao was the Asian neighborhood where Diao Aiqing was born in March 1976 and the one that two decades later, exactly on January 19, 1996, will see her die in still inexplicable conditions.

The adult education school is the one chosen by Aiqing to complete his university studies, of which he will not even finish a quarter.

Although not much is known about Diao’s personal life, her older sister, Diao Aihua, told the media in her country that she was an introverted young woman, with few friends and completely devoted to his professional career.

A young Chinese woman with a seemingly normal life, unsociable, and with endless goals behind her that encourage her to give her best in the academic field, what could go wrong?

An indecipherable puzzle of 2000 pieces

The official from the prestigious Nanjing University was overjoyed to find a bag full of meat near the camp, but his excitement was heightened by surprise when he arrived home and find three human fingers eerily protruding from the now suspicious package.

He had no choice but to go to the police and recount the sinister episode he witnessed in which he was an important secondary character.

Nine days have passed since the unsolved disappearance of a 19-year-old Chinese girl from a university in Jiangsu province, and the unexpected discovery has raised alarm among investigators.

Just when they thought that nothing could surprise them anymore, they found themselves in the cruelest scenario possible: eight seats, eight suitcases, and one person.

The packages found by the authorities would only be a rough sample of the discoveries to come. Not only were more than 2,000 human remains found but most of the organs were carefully cooked and handled over several days. They were as enigmatic as any part found, that only through the hair could the doctors identify that it was a woman.

Everything seemed to indicate that the unfortunate protagonist of this story was last seen on January 10, 1996, when she was leaving the “campus” after arguing with the building administration.

All that was known about the case boiled down to exactly that of an angry young woman who was disciplined along with some of her classmates for allegedly using electronic devices without permission from university officials.

The killer made sure to destroy any leads leading to his capture, so investigators scrambled, and the case became a mass of unsubstantiated theories, rumors, and speculation. With no murder weapon, suspects, or possible motives, justice was far from close for Diao.

The aftermath of the case.

The revelation of the identity of the victim caused an echo in all the national media, and the educational institution to which Diao belonged decided to return the money to all the registered students.

However, the country was full of people with both professions, so catching the person responsible was almost like fishing in a rough river.

Suspicious man

In 2020, on the 20th anniversary of the death of the young woman who traveled the world, the Criminal Investigation Branch of the Ministry of Public Security clarified that the case will not be limited to 20 years to judge the killer, but on the contrary, the search would go beyond doing justice to the next of kin of the victim.

For the year 2021, the young woman’s family filed a lawsuit against Nanjing University for 1.62 million yen (equivalent to 1,103,678,976 Colombian pesos) for damages.

A lack of evidence causes the case to remain unsolved for 25 years. “Precisely because Nanjing University did not fulfill its dormitory management responsibilities, the case missed the best time to investigate, and the murderer had enough time to commit the crime commit and escape.

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