Diary Of A Wimpy Kid No Brainer Read Online

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: No Brainer is the 18th book in the series. It was released on October 25, 2022. Curious to read it online? Yes..? This article on “diary of a wimpy kid no brainer read online” is a go-to guide for you. It will not only explain the reading process but will also elaborate on its summary. So please read on – 

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid No Brainer Read Online
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid No Brainer Read Online

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Summary 

As Greg Heffley starts his final year of middle school, his mom hands him a journal for penning down thoughts. 

He kicks off his journal by sharing insights about his classmates and inspecting the middle school popularity. 

He also tells the story of a slice of cheese left outdoors on a basketball court. People say that anyone who touches it, he will get cursed.

Greg then introduces us to his older brother, Rodrick, a drummer in a heavy-metal band. Then there’s Manny, the younger brother treated like royalty, and Rowley, Greg’s trusty best friend.

Despite his father’s constant encouragement to spend some time outdoors, he confesses to being a gaming enthusiast. This passion leads to a ban on video games. 

At school, he throws his hat into the ring for class treasurer. Unfortunately, his campaign takes an unexpected turn when the vice principal disapproves of his less-than-appropriate posters and tosses them into the trash.

Then, in the month of October, he and Rowley decide to create their own haunted house. But Rowley’s father shuts it down. Not only this, he also grounded Rowley for a week. 

After this, Greg and Rowley venture out for some Halloween trick-or-treating. That night, a group of high schoolers in a truck drenches them. Though they threaten the high schoolers, it didn’t help them. The high schoolers started chasing them. 

Seeking shelter in Greg’s Gramma’s house, they manage to escape. However, Greg’s mom insists they return home, and just when they think they’re safe, Greg’s dad surprises them. 

As November rolls in, Greg’s teacher introduces a wrestling unit, and he is paired with a fellow lightweight named Fregley. But he was not excited about all this, so he tried to persuade his parents to get him a bench press to move up a weight class, but they decided to wait until Christmas.

His mom pushed him into trying out for the school play where he has to play the role of a tree. The play turns out to be a comedy of errors. 

As Christmas approaches, he has his eyes on “Twisted Wizard.” On Christmas morning, he receives the long-awaited bench press. His mom also hands him the red sweater intended for the Giving Tree.

In the spirit of giving, he passes on a L’il Cutie book he received (and disliked) for Christmas to his best friend. In return, Rowley gives him a child’s Big Wheel. 

However, Greg’s New Year’s Eve takes a turn for the worse when he teases Manny and ends up being sent to bed early.

In  January, Greg and Rowley came up with a game which takes a serious turn when Rowley breaks his hand. 

Meanwhile, Greg signs up for Independent Study, where the class project involves building a robot. However, the boys manage to get the class cancelled by compiling a list of words the robot should avoid saying.

Switching gears, Greg and Rowley join the Safety Patrol to escort kindergarteners home midway through the day. 

Then comes February, they want to build the world’s tallest snowman. 

When the school paper needs a new cartoonist, they plan to create cartoons that get rid of “Zoo-Wee Mama!” Greg even wins the position. 

In March Greg playfully chases kindergarteners with a worm on a stick, but it’s Rowley who takes the fall for it. Feeling torn about confessing, Greg finds guidance in Rowley, who chooses honesty. The result: Greg is ousted from the Safety Patrol, while Rowley scores a promotion.

In April, Rowley bonds with Collin Lee, who becomes his new best friend. This companionship leads to a sleepover at Rowley’s with Collin, leaving Greg to opt for a sleepover at Fregley’s place. During this time, Greg makes a bold decision—he aspires to be crowned the Class Clown.

As May arrives, Greg sees the arrival of a substitute teacher and plans a prank. However, his well-laid plan crumbles when his mother unexpectedly shows up, leaving him thoroughly embarrassed. 

Meanwhile, Rowley secures the role of the new cartoonist for the school paper, continuing the legacy of “Zoo-Wee Mama!” This sparks a confrontation between Greg and Rowley, with accusations of idea theft. 

Then, the teenagers from Halloween compel Rowley to consume the cheese from the basketball court. Greg takes responsibility for all this. 

In the month of June, Greg and Rowley start hanging out together again. However, on the last day of school, Rowley is crowned Class Clown. And Greg tosses his yearbook into the trash in a fit of frustration.

How to read Diary of a Wimpy Kid online? 

The process is simple – 

  • Search for “diary of a wimpy kid read online” or “diary of a wimpy kid pdf” on google.
  • Select the website you want to buy it from. Visit it and then, pay for it. That’s all. After this, you will get access to its pdf online. 

⭐ To read it for free, you can find it on websites like overdrive, 24symbols, archive.org, etc. 

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