Disguise Kit Fortnite (2022) The Complete Process Of Uses!

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About Disguise Kit Fortnite

Disguise Kit Fortnite: Each Fortnite week comes with a bundle of new and exciting challenges. Maximum out of battle pass allows the player to unlock their reward by completing challenges.

One of the resistant quests that were introduced was Fortnite chapter 3 in seasons 2 in this the player needs to use a Disguise Kit Fortnite and place the weapon system in the synapse station.

Fortnite chapter 3 season 2 continues with the exciting weekly challenges with resistance quest, item shop rotation, and many more. One of the best Fortnite seasons in recent memory, bringing many new features and various changes that have been introduced in season 2 like zero bill mode, sprinting, and mantling.

Fortnite synapse station location– at the beginning of this game the player must travel to the synapse station, which is like a new desert area and it was introduced in chapter 3 seasons 2.

Disguise Kit Fortnite
Disguise Kit Fortnite

Disguise Kit Fortnite Use In The Game

In synapse station, the player will find the Disguise Kit Fortnite down below between two cliffs. Approves the disguise kit and tap the button to interact, then the second objective will ask you to place the weapon schematic in the synapse station. From here you can use the disguised kit.

Where the player found a disguise kit in Fortnite?

The Disguise Kit Fortnite looks like a briefcase or suitcase, the player needs to do is to press the interact button when near the disguise kit. Then your character will equip the disguise kit and the player has to place the weapon in the synapse station.

Once you have placed the schematic in the synapse station, this week 3 resistance quest will be completed safely.

How to unlock Fortnite chapter 3 season 2?

It is very difficult to unlock. Clear will need to progress and reach a high level to unlock this level. To unlock this clear can get your hands on stealth silver, tempest, and vivid styles for doctor strange, etc.

How to become super style level in Fortnite?

If the player wants to unlock super level styles in Fortnite then he needs to finish the battle pass level. This can be happened by completing activities in the battle royale.

How to take stealth silver super style in Fortnite game?

there are some requirements to unlock this are- claim at least 115 rewards and claim 10 bonus rewards in the battle pass.

How to take tempest super style in?

They are some requirements to unlock this are claim at least 115 rewards and claim 15 bonus rewards in the battle pass.

How to take vivid super style in Fortnite?

some requirements to unlock for the vivid super styles level in Fortnite chapter 3 season 2 are-claim at least 120 rewards and 20 bonus rewards in the battle pass.

How to level fast in Fortnite game?

there are some fastest ways to level up in the Fortnite chapter 3 season 2. These tricks help the player to level up the very easy way. Some tricks are-

  1. Complete Fortnite weekly and everyday quest-buy completing daily challenges Fortnite offers the player to earn bonus XP. Daily quests are much simpler and easy but not to be sniffed at.
  2. Check off Fortnite milestones – milestones allow the player to earn XP for completing simple actions such as the opening chest, catching fish, etc. For this the player will earn 8000 XP for each completed milestone, if the clear wants to level up quickly so checking off this milestone is a must.
  3. Play Fortnite in creative mode-by playing Fortnite in creative mode is a great way to earn XP fast for this the player will earn 12000 XP every 15 minutes.
  4. Score victory royal– one of the best ways to level off past and winning matches is to score victory royal. The player will earn XP for eliminating the player.
  5. Buy Fortnite battle pass– buy Fortnite battle pass tiers after level 7 with the help of this you skip the battle pass.

Disguise Kit Fortnite quests are-

  • Drop it on the west of the synapse station.
  • Collect some useful things like a Disguise Kit Fortnite is looks like briefcase/ and weapon schematics.
  • Go to the synapse station and find the blueprint drop in the main corridor on the floor.

In doing so the player will complete the weekly quest and be able to earn themselves 92000 XP for their troubles.

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