Dream Face Reveal Memes Viral On Twitter, Reddit, Tiktok & Youtube!

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Dream Face Reveal Memes
Dream Face Reveal Memes

Dream Face Reveal Memes: Twitter is an open platform where everyone can freely share his thoughts. But often, people pour it with negative comments or memes that are very disappointing. The same happened during Dream face reveals, where half of his fans find him a usual person while others compare him with villains. Dream face reveals memes are currently trending on Twitter, and people are trolling him for no reason.

Who is Dream?

People who are checking out Minecraft videos on YouTube might know about Dream. Yes, he is a popular Youtuber with more than 30 million subscribers. His Minecraft videos are very popular, and people find them helpful during play. However, no one has seen his face as he always has a mask on his face while in front of the camera. It has become his USP.

But now, it was too much for him to hide his real face from the world. He could not hang out with other YouTubers because he didn’t want to reveal his face. It was making his life hard, so finally, on 2nd October, Dream decided to bring all this to an end. He took off his mask in front of the camera, witnessed live by 1.3 million users. Currently, this video has been viewed more than 22 million times.

The face reveal did not go well with all his followers. Some praised him as he looked like a normal guy, but many people trolled him and compared him with villains or pointed out physical features to laugh at it. People who even followed his videos have trolled his appearance for no reason, and the memes are getting viral on Twitter.

What is different dream face reveal memes?

Dream revealed his fans which were like a big occasion for his followers and even other YouTubers. It was like a mystery, but people started trolling him when he decided to unmask his face. Yes, even his followers made fun of him. But the dream face reveals memes are trending and getting viral where many people are showing support while others are making fun. So, let’s see what his memes are for:

  • Dream’s look is compared with Shrek’s villains, mainly for Rumpelstiltskin.
  • People are even enhancing some of his physical features and making fun of them.
  • Many people are posting carton pictures to compare with Dream.


What was Dream compared with?

Many followers compared him with Shrek’s villains, while others made fun of his physical appearance. He looks like a normal guy, but it didn’t go well with all his fans.

Why was mask revealing such a big issue?

Dream, a famous Youtuber for Minecraft, has never revealed his face in front of a camera. But in October, he decided to reveal his face in one of the videos viewed by more than 3 million people.


In all, the unmasking of Dream got both negative and positive responses. Some people have made fun of him, but there are his real followers who are very happy that he revealed his face. So, let’s see how these memes go further with his followers.

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