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Edp445 website

People who are social media freak, especially YouTube, might have heard about EDP445.  Today YouTubers who are gaining a good fan following and popularity are creating their website to interact with the audience. This trend is quite famous in United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. Bryant Turhan Emerson Moreland, who has been suspended from YouTube and thus created the EDP445 website.

People who are eager to know why his YouTube channel was taken down and more about the EDP445 website will find this information helpful. So, let’s check more about Bryant Turhan.

Who is Bryant Turhan Emerson Moreland?

Bryant Turhan Emerson Moreland came into the limelight when someone posted the video of his website EDP445 website on Facebook. Bryant was born on 15th December 1990 and was an American YouTuber. The name of his YouTube channel was EDP445 which means EatDatPussy445.

He uploads rant videos, sports videos, comedy, and even vlogs to his channel, which gained good popularity. He was in several controversies, one of which was sending an inappropriate message to an underage girl. It was why his YouTube channel was suspended, and so to interact with the audience, he created the EDP445 website.

Edp445 Website
Edp445 Website

Why was the YouTube channel suspended?

Bryan was a famous YouTuber with the channel EDP445, which was recently suspended. Bryant was found sending inappropriate images and even text to an underage girl. Alex Roxen, a famous Youtuber with Chet Goldstein’s channel, has uploaded the video of this particular incident.

The videos uploaded by Alex also show that Bryant was about to meet this 13-year-old girl. As soon as the video got Viral, YouTube has suspended both the channel and also YouTuber was no more active on YouTube and not even on his channel.

What is the EDP445 website all about?

Bryant’s YouTube channel was suspended, after which he came up with his website. For many years he was inactive even on his site but recently, someone has posted the video regarding his channel on Facebook, which brought the EDP445 website again into the limelight. Bryant confessed that it was his video with the new look, and once again, he is remaining active on the site.


  1. Why EDP445 website came into the limelight?

Recently someone posted the video of  EDP445  on Facebook, which gained the attention of people. Even Bryant confessed that he was in the video, and now he is active on the website.

  1. What allegations were on EDP445?

Bryant was texting inappropriate messages and texts to an underage girl and even planned to meet her. The child activist has set up everything to catch him on camera, and finally, it became true. Alex even uploaded the video on his channel. Currently, Bryant is not arrested and is running the EDP445 website.


We came to know more about Bryant, a famous YouTuber, his channel suspension, and his website. Many people were unaware of why his YouTube channel was suspended, but with this information, everyone would know why YouTube took get his channel down.

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