Ekalefire Roblox: Everything You Need To Know!

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Reviews on Ekalefire are unique and unavailable elsewhere. Learn more about the features, testimonials, and authenticity of the product. Would you like to know more about gaming advice? Do you enjoy playing the finest video games on various operating systems?

Do you need free diamonds, stands, or coins to play the games? Do you wish to import games and software that have been modified (MOD)? Play Roblox, do you? For players from Chile, Peru, and Colombia, Ekalefire has grown to be a very popular website. Now let’s examine Ekalefire characteristics.


About Ekalefire:

A brand-new website called Ekalefire features videos and information on how to play games, how to modify applications and games, how to install games on various platforms, and how to get more diamonds, coins, and standing in games. The only way to access Ekalefire is online using a web browser. There isn’t a standalone version of Ekalefire available. Ekalefire contains:

  • Seven apps for smartphone
  • Seven articles covering the newest gaming and mobile app technology.
  • 6 instructional movies
  • 18 apps for mobile games

Videos of gameplay can be seen on the @EkaleMartinez YouTube account. Its YouTube account has more than 41K subscribers, and it has 16K Instagram followers. Ekalefire Roblox has applications and information on Roblox.

Feature of Ekalefire

Ekalefire lack of a mission statement is one of its features. Terms of usage, cookies, privacy policies, frequently asked questions, and contact information for customer assistance were absent from the website. Using the compensated services of Privacyprotection.com LLC, the proprietors of Ekalefire have their identify and contact information concealed.

The website’s owner, Ekale Martinez of the Dominican Republic, can be identified by the links to his Instagram and YouTube accounts. PayPal donations can also be made to Ekale Martinez through his Instagram and YouTube accounts.

Below are links to Ekalefire’s YouTube and Instagram accounts. The language of publishing of Ekalefire 2023 is Spanish. Ekalefire neither offers nor sells goods or services. Links to mediafire.com are provided for downloading games and software that have been altered. The games and programme are both available for download in compressed 7Z format. Additionally, they can be imported as a single file. adding a game

Ekalefire reliability and efficiency

Chicago, Illinois updated and registered Ekalefire on February 20, 2023. On February 20, 2024, Ekalefire’s registration will be up. Its life expectancy is therefore quite low.

Personal, financial, and PII data are at great risk on Ekalefire. It received a 31% suspicion rating and a 57% rating for phishing profiles. Users may receive unwanted SMS and email communications from Ekalefire Online given its 39% spamming score. Ekalefire Online received a malware and threat score of 81%, indicating that it may not be secure for consumers to access. Imported files from the platform may include malicious software, tiny advertisements, or mini-apps.

Ekalefire has a dismal 17% trust index, a low visitor volume, a zero Alexa rank, and all three. Additionally, it has a low domain authority score of 1/100. Although Ekalefire employs a less secure HTTP protocol, it is not listed on the blacklist. For almost 144 days, the SSL certificate for IP expired. Ekalefire came in at position 1.9%.

Bottom line:

Ekalefire did not perform well on any of the evaluation categories, including trust, business, DA, and Alexa. The website is unreliable if it doesn’t have a working SSL certificate. Links to download games and apps were available on Ekalefire. The danger and malware scores, however, suggest that they might be infected with malware. Ekalefire seems to be a phoney website that hosts games or programmes that have been altered.

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