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Event Brawlstars Com (2021) Know The Event Time & Prizes!

What Is Event Brawlstars Com?

The Brawl Stars quickly gained a huge following from gaming enthusiasts.

It is being widely claimed as the Next Big Thing in the gaming arena.


The Brawl Stars World Finals 2021 are just here.

The event is scheduled to be held from 26 Nov 2021 to 28 Nov 2021.

The gaming platform is actually loaded with some strong and impressive talents from across the globe.

Well, it is the World Finals.

Event Brawlstars Com
Event Brawlstars Com

Which countries are participating in the Event Brawlstars Com World Finals?

The Brawl Stars was released in India in December 2018, and since then it has attracted the attention of a large number of gaming and tech content creators.

The Brawl Stars Event of 2021 is having the largest share of players from China which is about 20% of the teams and this is followed by Japan with a whopping 15%.

All the other nations are having an almost equal share.

What is the prize money for the World  Finals of Brawl Stars 2021?

As we have already made you aware the event has gained a lot of eyeballs and thus is very popular.

And that is also reflected in the prize money which is about $1,000,000.

Yeah, quite a sum.

What about the servers and previous ruckus about them?

Well, we do remember the ruckus around the severs created in 2020.

The scenario is quite different this time.

This year the distance from the server and subsequent disadvantages and unjust preferences received are bound to be lesser.

And so there will be different servers for both the teams taking part in the game and both of them will have an equal opportunity to ping. This has already been confirmed by Supercell.

What is the format of the game this year?

The game this year also differs a little in its format.

This time the teams have an option to prefer an online or offline mode depending on their own comforts and needs.

The one last year was completely online.

This year the option for offline participation is open too.

Further this time the events will be on simple elimination formats of best of 5 and the losing team will be eliminated.

The final will have a similar game with the best of seven formats.

Are you now looking for a team to bet on and make some money?

Or are you organically interested in the game?

We bring you a list of confirmed teams that will participate.

  • INTZ

The teams can now participate in both Local Area Network and Online.

Where is the live event being held?

The live event is being held in Bucharest, Romania.

This is the place where all the players will have to report for participating offline in Brawl Stars World Finals 2021.

What about the CoVid 19 protocols?

One cannot simply expect such an event without proper safety steps from Brawl Stars.

So the Supercell has made the vaccination and proper paperwork extremely necessary and compulsory.

Perhaps that is also the reason behind the hybrid format.

This will not only help in safety precautions but also in allowing all the participants to take part and have a full chance.

Where to catch the event?

The event is being held in Romania but it will also be available on YouTube

You can easily tune in and enjoy.

The latest developments in the event.

It seems like the Supercell and Players cannot let go of that winning spirit.

And so Supercell has come up with a bet kind of event called Event Site that will coincide with the Brawl Stars World Finals.

In this event Site, the players will build a bracket, make certain reductions and bets on winning a certain match and then win some points ( game points that will be credited to them) and rewards for themselves.

Further, the player can use emojis, navigate the popularity of a player in a match and also vote for an MVP.

The finals will be held from 26Nov to 28 November and will start every day at 10 AM CET.

Go on, have a nice experience and tickle that sportsman spirit in you.

The Brawl Stars Game is available at all App Stores and tutorials for the same can also be easily found.


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