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What Is Evinde Paketle Com?

Evinde Paketle Com: Gendarmerie teams kept 14 kilos of medicine in their hands during the operation they carried out in a location in Fatih, which they had been after for a long time.

Acting as a messenger for dispersion with VY trying to place the applied drug, A.Ş. More people named HY were recruited.

The suspects VY, AS and moreover, HY were caught by the lawyers to whom they were handed after their proceedings at the gendarmerie and sent to prison.

Due to the insight work of Istanbul Provincial Gendarmerie Command groups to combat drug smuggling; A.Ş., that VY obtained the opium substance alleged to be the seller unjustly. also HY.

Evinde Paketle Com
Evinde Paketle Com

The gendarmerie followed it piece by piece.

The gendarmerie teams, which looked at the location of the suspect named VY in Fatih, determined that the suspect kept the drugs he used as a warehouse here. Realizing that individuals and messengers met at VY’s home to design the allocation of drugs, the groups pressed the button for the event.

Gendarme Moving Attack

The finder dog ATAK also supported the pursuit of the gendarmerie teams at the suspect’s house. After ATAK went to the room, the gendarmerie groups thought about the questioning there and when ATAK specifically answered the base, they removed the bed. Opening the dark bag under the bed, the groups clung to the skunk, which was seen as a total of 14 kilos of medicine in ready-to-carry packages.

They Used Female Couriers

Suspect Vy’s, Inc. He also sends HY, whom he meets regularly at his home and Ladies A.Ş. after the preparations there. also HY for the circulation time of the drug. It was decided that the public agreed to meet at home and plan the arrival of the event.

VY, A.S. moreover, HY was caught by the lawyers and sent to prison after his methods in the Gendarmerie.

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