Fitnation Slimline Pro Walking Treadmill Reviews

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Fitnation Slimline Pro Walking Treadmill Reviews

Fitnation Slimline Pro Walking Treadmill Reviews: Fitnation is a product of fitness accessories where you can get AZ exercise equipment. It is specially designed for walking speed, it is folded flat, and it has a 5 “H base. What does that mean for you? Neighborhood, or the shocking amount of exercise to get daily exercise.

  • Includes Slimline walk treadmill, remote, and CR2032 battery; 30-day trial registration for Echelon Fit Pass.
  • Stability support bar
  • Speed ​​control range from 0.4 to 3.7 MPH; fixes with remote control or base
  • The base shows speed, calories burned, and distance
  • Emergency stop function
  • Mobile owner
  • Wheels and easy storage design
  • It weighs 66 lbs; a Two-person setup recommended
  • Rated scales: Base 5 “x 25” W x 55 “L; Support Bar 45” H; The Cord 58 “L; supports up to 264 lbs
  • 1 limited manufacturer’s warranty

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1. Remove the protective plastic from the remote display and tread.

2. Place the treadmill in the correct position location according to alerts described in the warning section.

3. Create a touch bar by stepping release of the catch bar below the folded handlebar. While handle, lift handle enter a standing position up to a click in place and release the lever pops you have entered a locked area. It’s not advised to use the unit without stopping handles.

4. Now, connect the power cord to the treadmill in front of the red power switch to ensure that the plug is aligned correctly and connect the other end of the cord to it. Open the power button. There will be noise, and the print wheel display will light up, and the dash marks will be visible display.

5. Remove the battery opening line from behind the remote control.

6. Place the safety clip on the control bar in a safe space to ensure that it absorbs the magnet. Attach the safety clip to the clothes there using a printing press. If a treadmill is needed, turn it off immediately, delete the security clip from the capture bar, and the printing press will stop automatically. Restart after removing the security clip, place the clip back on the handle again press the power button on the remote.

Note: The treadmill will not work if the security clip is not in the control bar, and only dash marks will appear on the screen.

7. Stand on the tracks and turn the treadmill by pressing the power button remote control. MAKE SURE TO SHOWDOWN FROM ONE OF THESE IR SENSORS SHOWN IN DISPLAY DIAGRAM. The display will count down, and the running belt will start to move.

8. Adjust the fast belt’s speed by pressing the acceleration or acceleration buttons on the remote.

Fitnation Slimline Pro Walking Treadmill Reviews
Fitnation Slimline Pro Walking Treadmill Reviews

Here are some reviews of the costumers

Steve Schulz

Verified buyer


My partner and I are pleased, excited, and enthusiastic about

Treadmill. We are adults, and we have this machine tool. Where we live offers the opportunity to exercise at our own pace. Features they are not to blame. Storage flexibility, lightweight movement, wrapping from the room in the room, or a storage area. We are pleased. It can inspire individuals to exercise and walking at the desired speed, but it gets into our house.

Terry Howard

Verified buyer


I am thrilled that Fitnation has replaced the original treadmill with a feature. The replacement Slim Line Treadmill works as advertised. Easy to navigate and set to use. The reading is fantastic and easy to read while on the go. The remote works well; speed adjustment is easy to use. Only time will tell, but it looks like a good amount of money spent.

Barbara Stander

Verified buyer


The printing press meets the basic requirements for exercise. The only issue I have is the algorithm used to calculate the mileage is incorrect.


Verified buyer


I am very excited about the immediate attention from Echelon. I enjoy the Fitnation Slimline Pro Walking Treadmill.

Sheila Warner

Verified buyer


I like it. Use it daily. It fits well into any room you wish.

Kim Allard

Verified buyer


Think I will love it. Luckily I just broke my leg so now I will be late to use it. You can’t wait, though. Full size.

Lisa Scrivner

Verified buyer


I love the printing press, but I wish it would go a little faster.

Debra Schaffer

Verified buyer


I like my little print line. Easy to move and quiet. I rated it only four stars because it took six weeks to get it.

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