Forgotten Feather Wow (July 2021) Treasures of Korthia

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Forgotten Feather Wow

There are many online multiplayer games to keep us entertained. If you are an avid fan of Roleplaying online games, nothing is better than World of Warcraft (WoW). The different characters and new features by Blizzard entertainment have able to grab a good fan following.  Players come across different treasures that boots their avatar.

The developers have come up with a new quest zone for players known as “Forgotten Feather“. Currently, wow released Shadow9.1, which has many add on features for players. Forgotten feather wow helps to be more powerful to fight against jailers and make it possible to survive in the game.

Forgotten Feather Wow
Forgotten Feather Wow

What is a Forgotten feather wow?

Korthia, also known as a treasure city, is a new update in the chain of domination. This new zone has nearly ten hidden treasures, and it will be very exciting for players. One of the treasures is “Forgotten feather wow”, where players can make pets as their companions who will fight with other players’ pets.

Korthia is quite difficult as it is not easy to get a hand on all treasures, but if players look to make the pet, they need to be very attentive.  After releasing this new zone with treasure, some players are not happy with it. Gamers face some loopholes, and developers are trying to solve them.

Where to find Forgotten feather wow?

The new zone Korthia is quite difficult, but it also had hidden treasures that will be very helpful for gamers. So, players are quite willing to visit the zone, loot different treasures, and boost their game. Forgotten feather wow allow players to get a pet who will fight with them and thus make it easy to win the battle.

These treasures are located at a different locations. If you are the one looking for a partner to survive, go for Forgotten feather wow. Oen can loot this treasure using a “Goblin Glider”, where the treasure will be available in the form of a toy. It will help players to make the pet their companion.


  1. What makes Forgotten feather wow worth?

Players look out for extra power that makes it easy to win the game. The treasure Forgotten feather wow is one such thing that helps players to get pets as their partners and help to fight against other player’s pets. In all players will win the conquest and even get rewarded.

  1. Why are gamers not happy with the new treasure zone?

There are loopholes in the new update according to which players are not able to get their treasure. Before they reach the place, the treasure is taken by some other players, and this makes the game quite difficult.


If you, too, are a WoW fan and willing to explore every zone, go for Korthia. This new zone has ten hidden treasures that will give add-on power, and one of this power is “Forgotten feather wow”, which helps players make pets. Players are free to make different pets who will work as their partners in the battle. So, check out the treasure location and get it to make the game in your favour.

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