Freefirebigid. Com Site Claim Free Diamonds Kode Redeem 2022!

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kode redeem ff sg2: Freefirebigid. com or known as the freefirebigid site is widely believed to be able to get many prizes in the form of Skins, Bundles, Diamonds, Parachutes, Pets, characters, weapons, and other items via the FF Redeem Code for Free.

What is Freefirebigid. com?

Freefirebigid. com is the newest site that claims to be able to give gifts to users without having to require the FF Redeem Code.

Prizes on this site are random because they are sourced from a Code redemption site. But many say that the prizes from this site are very attractive such as Skins, Weapons, Pets, parachutes, characters, premium Bundles, and many others.

Previously we have also shared a FF Generator Site that is deceptive or a Scam complete with its characteristics.

Freefirebigid. com
Freefirebigid. com

How to Get Free Bundle Gifts & Skins using Freefirebigid. com?

Proving the truth yourself by using it directly is indeed the right way. We can conclude for ourselves whether the Freefirebigid. com 2022 site is trusted or not.

For that, you need to prepare a new free-fire email and account and never use an FF Sultan account.

Therefore, to make it easier for you, you can just refer to the tutorial on how to use bigid .com frefire below.

  • First, please open your browser and access
  • If so, you will be taken to the Rewards Redeem site.
  • Please login to the freefire account using Facebook, VK, or Gmail account.
  • If you have logged in, the account verification page will appear.
  • Here we fill in the account ID, Account Level, Rank, or Tier, Have you ever had an elite pass or not, and if you have an elite pass then what season.
  • If all parameters are filled, you press the Verify button.
  • Next, you will be taken to the filled code redemption page.
  • Please press confirms to finish.

Now you have to wait for 1×24 hours and the prize will enter via our game email.

The Reason Freefirebigid. com Website Is Not Trusted

At first, we thought that the bigid .com FF site was untrustworthy, but to answer your curiosity as our loyal readers, we have to prove it to you.

After trying to use the site and it was proven that Freefirebigid. com is not safe, now we share the reason.

1. Not Official Garena site

Garena as the main developer of Free fire has never announced a new freefirebgi 2022 site.The developer strictly forbids any survivors to use illegal methods such as using FF Cheats, FF Config Scripts, and using a Free fire Generator like this.

2. Domain resembles Garena FF’s official IG page

The main domain of Freefirebigid. com is very similar to the official Garena free fire page on Instagram social media. This is of course deliberately done by the makers to trick victims into believing and wanting to enter their FF account data without hesitation.It should be underlined that the main site of Garena Free fire is only and nothing else.

3. Freefirebigid. com will be closed

After the viral Freefirebigid. com site, perhaps many survivor victims lost their Free fire accounts.

4. Original email and careless FF ID can still enter

One thing that doesn’t make sense on Freefirebigid. com com, we try to enter email and all parameters on the site randomly, but the results still work.Even though if the site is official, then the Free fire account ID or even unregistered email should not be able to enter the main page.

Note: After you know the reasons that we shared earlier, of course, you should no longer be fooled by this freefirebigid site because it is not safe.

The final word

Before we close, be wise in choosing a site because now the popularity of the free fire game makes players, especially those with mediocre capital, definitely eye the Sultan’s Free fire account with lots of equipment in it.By following the tips that we share to get a safe Official Free fire diamond, you will be avoided Scam sites like the Freefirebigid. com FF.

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