Member Fromis_9 Car Accident (2022) Fromis_9 Kecelakaan!

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About Fromis_9 Car Accident

Fromis_9 Car Accident, Fromis_9 Kecelakaan: Five members of the girl group fromis_9 had a car accident on Saturday (25/6/2022). All five are reported to have survived and were not seriously injured.

fromis_9’s agency, Pledis Entertainment, gave an explanation. They said the team and members have received medical treatment.

“Song Hayoung, Park Jiwon, Lee Seoyeon, Lee Chaeyoung, and Baek Ji Heon were in a car accident on Saturday, June 25. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries to members and other passengers.

They were immediately taken to the emergency room for examination and medical assistance,” the agency said.

Fromis 9 Car Accident
Fromis_9 Car Accident

Getting treatment for bruises

Pledis also reported that although no fractures were found, the members still received medical treatment for their bruises.

“The five members received a more thorough examination on Sunday, June 26. They were advised by doctors to receive medical treatment due to muscle pain and bruises, although it was confirmed that no fractures were found,” the agency added.

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