Ghost Tube Reviews – Explained: Legit Or Not?

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Ghost Tube reviews

Are you the one who is keen to know about paranormal activities taking place around you? If you believe in spirit and ghosts, Ghost Tube is one of the best apps for you. One who is working as a paranormal investigator and willing to know about all the active things which are not visible through eyes, but the app can catch it out. Ghost Tube is a tool that can help in paranormal investigation, and it is working on the sensors of the device.


  • The app has an SLS camera to scan all the activity taking place around you. These are things that are not visible with naked eyes, but the app records all such activity.
  • Ghost Tube is equipped with a sound recorder and voice assistance to record the sound of the activity. It is also very beneficial when you are on some severe paranormal investigations.
  • App has a storage section where photos and videos regarding activity are stored. These videos and pictures can prove helpful for further investigations of paranormal activity.
  • A proximity detector is also in the app that helps to monitor all the active devices near you. Like the devices’ proximity sensor to sense the nearby objects, the detector will help to give information on paranormal equipment.
  • The app also uses the ghost dictionary with more than 500 names related to ghosts and other paranormal activities. It will help investigators to understand the conversation or words. These words are available in more than 20 languages to make investigation easy.
  • Ghost Tube also has customized skins and filters that help make your videos and photos personalize and exciting.
  • The app has an electromagnetic field detector that works on the devices’ pre-installed magnetometer. It helps investigators to get direction and make it eyas to reach the place.
Ghost Tube Reviews
Ghost Tube Reviews


The rating of the app on google play store and App store is very high. It shows that people are using the app, no matter whether it is for fun or investigation purposes. Based on users’ reviews, the app is legit. Some say that the app gives the accurate result and so can be used for paranormal investigation. While some other ray that it is quite entertaining to use the app.

So, the mixed reviews of users make it hard to say whether it can give information on paranormal activity or not. Some people are even opting for a monthly subscription to get full features, which makes us believe that it can prove helpful in paranormal investigation.

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  1. How to use Ghost Tube App?

Ghost Tube is a paranormal simulator that can scan nearby things with the help of a camera. It uses a magnetometer, SLS camera, proximity meter, sound synthesizer, and Ghost dictionary. It is just a tool that can help in the investigation of paranormal activities.

  1. Is Ghost Tube a legit app?

It is tough to say whether it is a genuine app or not. It has mixed reviews, and many people are finding it helpful. The app was released two years back and had a trust index of 86%.  The positive feedback and the uses of the HTTPs protocol show it is a legit app.


Some people believe in ghosts while some others not. So, one can take the app just for entertainment, but if you are a paranormal investigator, this app can help you out. It does not communicate with a ghost but can record every activity that takes place near you.

In all, Ghost Tube is best for investigation purposes, and the positive feedback on the Internet makes us believe in it. If you are willing to know more about it, explore it by yourself.

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