Www Gmanetwork Com Family Feud Guess To Win Today

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Www Gmanetwork Com Family Feud Guess To Win Today

Www Gmanetwork Com Family Feud Guess To Win Today: On 9 May 2022, vote for your favourite President in the US. The resistance of us voted for his and her favourite President. Millions of the Philippines got to vote right for their favourite candidate for the first time.

More than 1.6 Philippines working in the different places started vote casting on 10 April a countrywide. There are various rumours related to the election of the President. There are different perceptions of people related to the election of the President in the US. 

As per the information provided by the GMA, Ferdinand Marcos Jr is the main applicant running in the race for the President, and Sara Dutert is the main vice president in the race.

But all this information is not how we can say that all the information is unofficial, and partial vote counts shown in commercial serve Transparency. Bongbong Marcos obtained approximately 30,878774, and Sara Duterte obtained around 31,306723 votes.

Gmanetwork Com Family Feud Guess To Win Today
Gmanetwork Com Family Feud Guess To Win Today

In the election of 2022, the Main leaders are referred to inside above the information given in the paragraph cholesterol below the list there is top 5 candidates voted for the President as well as the vice president by keeping the view of www.gmanetwork/familyfeud/guesstowin. Information related to the President is as given below-

A. Bongbong Marxist from various celebrations obtains a good amount of votes from the people. The vote he obtained from the people is approximately 3087 8 8774 votes. 

B. Leni Robredo, by the celebration of IND birthday celebration, obtained a good amount of votes, but in the comparison of Marcos, they obtained 1473 0889 votes. He is in the second place in receiving the votes

C. Manny Pacquiao of a birthday party office closest friend’s promo does receive the vote approximately 3605.05 votes. 

D. Isko Moreno of Aksyon birthday party obtain a good amount of votes, around 1874 232 votes.

E. Ping Lacson from IND celebration receipt not so good boat 878021 votes.

All the information related to the vice president, which is also a very important position are, is given below-

A. Sara Duteret from Lakas celebration acquired the first position in the votes. People voted approximately 31 3067 26 votes. These voting patterns show the preference of the people.

B. Kill Pangilinan Love’s birthday celebration has received approximately 91734 26 votes. He obtains the second position on the voting list.

C.Tito sotto from the NCP party obtained the votes, showing their good performance, approximately 81 48 77 5 votes. 

D. Willie’s on from Aksyon birthday party received around 18 327 13 votes. This voting pattern also shows the people’s preferences.

E. Lito Atienza from the Promdi celebration also obtained 265507 votes. It is also a good performance.

This voting pattern shows the people’s preferences and their favourite personalities. All do the position of the President, the vice president, and the very important people took part and voted according to their preferences.

The 16 vice president election is also very important for numerous candidates with a part in this process or the vice president’s election. It was the 17 Tarik presidential election started in the year 1935. Candidates from different political parties took part in the election. Many people perform well in this election. 

Bongbong Marcos performed very well in this election. He received approximately 58% vote in the election of the President. As per the Gma network.com news, Eleksyon 2022 Marcos may be the next President as the voting pattern shows the trend of people’s preferences.


As an official member listed in the election process, this shows the people’s preferences on who they like or who they do not like. Pupil shows their choice that Marcos may win the presidency in the next election.

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