Is Gordle Hockey Game Or Word Game & How To Play?

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About Gordle

Gordle game is the most famous word game. Gordle game is a hockey-specific spin on wordle. Gordle game has five by six grid of squares. Gordle game is also called NHL wordle. In this game, the user needs to solve the NHL mystery.

This game is a little bit different from wordle. Instant of random words used in wordle, gordle uses the names of the hockey player in unique formate. These guesses are quickly guessed by the hockey fans.

What Is Gordle?

gordle is an everyday challenge game that can be played one time in a day. Gordle is a game of guessing NHL famous player names. Gordle NFL is a very simple and easy game. Instead of guessing words, the gordle game is about guessing the last name of hockey players.

Just like wordle, in gordle has five letters last name. When the player solves the mysterious player’s last name, gordle games give you the option to share it on social media.


If the player loves NHL hockey then the player will definitely like this online game.

Sean Mcindoe was the first who presented the idea of this game.

The full form of NHL is the National hockey league.

How to play gordle NHL game?

in this game the player has only 8 attempt to solve the challenge. Gordle NHL wordle is a very great game which also increases your knowledge about the NHL players. There are some steps which describe how to play the gordle game-

  1. Get the NHL player’s last name in tries as possible.
  2. After every guess, the color of the squares will immediately change depending upon the guess.
  3. In any grid, green color squares indicate that it is the correct NHL player’s name.
  4. In any grid, yellow color squares direct that it is a correct word but in the incorrect position.
  5. In any grid, grey color squares indicate that it is the wrong NHL player name.

Rules and regulations of playing the gordle game

gordle is a hockey-themed variant of the viral word game wordle. There are some rules for playing this game are-

  1. The player has 6 tries to guess the correct name of the NHL player.
  2. Took care of the color of the square in the grid.
  3. A new mystery has to solve by a player every day.


once a day guessing game has captured the heart of many people on social media.

Gordle game has taken off in a big way in hockey circles for being fun and enjoying way. In gordle the player has only five-letter last names of the hockey player, meaning the player cannot just enter random words to get closer to the answer. The biggest reason for famous this game is because this game is based on an NHL theme.

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