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Healthy weight loss is about using money as an incentive for people struggling to lose healthy weight! People have seen that makes a real difference – people are more motivated to achieve weight loss goals when there is money in line. So here is a healthy and very effective option to this. And what’s more it is also very safe.

Is the healthy root against me?

Not at all. Here is what you think: Healthy wage money is spent when you win – yes, it’s true. But there is much more to the story. is engaged in a serious work to change the world. The founders are graduates in public and economic health. tries to use innovation and educational research to try and solve some of the most dangerous problems in the world, and design the as a powerful weight loss tool.

Given how large the overweight problem is, scientific solutions have been developed. Everything that can do to make you successful is done in the long-term self-interest of the company. wants to go down in history as the people who make the tools that really make a difference! Reviews

Inspired by a study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association in 2008, the co-founder of first came up with ideas for Healthy’s Weight Loss Race. A team of professors from Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania is exploring the revolutionary notion that financial stimulus can have serious effects on the effects of weight loss.

To test his theory, he developed a 16-week weight loss plan that provided financial incentives for some participants. At the beginning of the group study, participants were asked to ask for their own money. If they meet the weight loss goals, they will get their money back with extra money. If they fail to meet their goals, they withdraw their deposits and receive nothing.

Participants in the financial incentive group lost nearly four times as much weight as those on the control group and four times more likely to reach the target of 16 pounds. The study’s successful behavior explains economists’ policy of “denial”, indicating that people generally hate loss. Researchers have shown that the use of this vaccine can produce dramatic results over a period of 16 weeks. This sounds really interesting and good.

In 2013, the prestigious Mayo Clinic released another study on money and weight loss, this time focusing on participants for a longer period of time. The purpose of this one-year study is to see how financial incentives affect long-term success for participants who wish to lose weight. Some participants are offered financial incentives and can win or lose money depending on whether they have achieved their monthly goals.

Other participants did not receive funding to complete the same project throughout the year. Astonishingly 62% of participants in the financial incentive group were caught in a one-year weight-loss lifestyle, while only 26% in the second group focused on the whole year. In addition, participants increased incentives that led to almost four times more weight loss than participants. What is left of the study is that financial stimuli can be used for long-term weight loss.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Why should I make chose

Because it makes you more successful in losing weight – no matter which diet or exercise plan you follow. Various recent academic researchers have shown that financial stimuli are three times more effective in weight loss programs. uses educational principles to help you lose weight. helps you set a clear goal that will have a significant positive impact on your health. It also helps you establish a clear timeline to achieve that goal. Sign up now!

  • How does it work? allows you to “bet” on your weight loss. Once registered, you place your bets (you can pay once or once a month for the duration of your challenge). If you reach and fulfill your challenge by completing the challenge and you will receive your prize. You both check your initial and final weight using our verification method. So get set started.

  • What else can I win?

Best Prize Offer $ 10,000! Your gift offer depends on how much you think about betting and your personal data (for example, your current weight). They offer statistically great gifts to those with the most difficult weight loss. Don’t try the gift calculator to see what kind of gift you can get (no confirmation needed). Once your bet is placed, the value of your prize is guaranteed – it will not change.

  • What’s up with

To beat your healthcare, you need to reach your goal within the specified time limit. When you have attained your verified weight your challenge will begin. Then, at the end of the challenge, you should receive your verified weight at any time within the two-week window as long as your deadline (including your outline).

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