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The Hellbound Webtoon Read Online (Korean Ending Explained) Best Comic Ever!

What is Hellbound Webtoon?

Hellbound has now officially become the world’s most-watched Netflix series just the day after its release.

But the concept and story of the series have been in the public domain for quite a long time now.

Have you watched the series and just cannot get over it and are searching for more and more interesting information about it?

Or are you just looking for a good review of the online comic so that you finally decide to read it?

You landed up just right.

Today we bring for you the story of hellbound and its aspects that have made it a go-to for almost all of the movie review content on the internet.

The story has been published as a webtoon titled ‘HELLBOUND’ and has already garnered a place in the minds of almost everybody who spared time on the comic.

Moreover, it had also already received critical acclaim.

Hellbound Webtoon
Hellbound Webtoon

What’s the inception point of Hellbound?

Well, the series is actually a webtoon that has already been showered with huge popularity and it’s an experience that is bound to be stuck.

In fact, some of the images from the webtoon have been directly copied to the Netflix series.

What is so special about this webtoon?

The tough questions it makes us ask ourselves.

The webtoon is an impactful blend of all the flaws of human life. It tends to tickle the most difficult questions that we have to answer in the face of unwavering death.

What is the story of Hellbound?

Hellbound is a story of an alternate reality where supernatural entities release a prophecy about the time that is left for the main characters of our story.

They also claim whether a particular person is bound to enter hell or heaven after death.

The story is not about life, but death and it inevitably places an accurate mirror for our own lives to reflect.

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Where can I read the Hellbound comic?

The comic is actually available on a webtoon and it also has a small video giving an overview of the comic, just like a trailer.

Another video explains the webtoon.

Here are some Interesting takeaways from the Hellbound comic.

Nobody accepts himself to be a sinner, particularly not the egoistic human race. And somehow the tools and events occurring for removing the sin end up in creating more and more sin for the people.

Fear gropes you in through the gruesome imagery that is there in the comic, but it also makes us realize the extreme fallible nature of us humans in the face of extreme fears.

How Fears make us lose our mind and completely distract us from discriminating between hell and heaven.

Perhaps it also gives a perspective that hell and heavens are our making and they reside nowhere but within us.

We may suppress our guilts under the deepest of coping mechanisms yet they will rise in the face of endings.

Perhaps it is more than just a read. It’s a reflection of the most important questions that we tend to run from.

What are those supernatural creatures in the comic?

Well if we take an overall look at the comic; the supernatural gigantic beings are actually nothing but tools used to uncover the real faces of the people no matter how many veils we may apply to cover them.

It also somewhere focuses on the questions of complete justice; and the fallacy in them that sometimes makes it difficult to believe in man-made laws.

We are all creatures of emotions.

The Investigating officer from the comic reveals how tiny the legal system or any other system for that matter is in comparison to the grief a person feels a loss of a loved one.

And that compensation is actually impossible.

And perhaps complete justice is a myth.

Who has written the Hellbound comic?

Yoen Sang-ho has created the webtoon comic with Naver webtoon and illustrator Choi Kyu- Soek has done the imagery.

Thus if you have been thinking about a very impactful read you will binge on the coming weekend then this is our suggestion for you.

Hellbound is a story that is bound to get you completely involved, terrorized, and wanting for more at the same time.

Have a good read.


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