Hololive Among Us (2022) Twitter, Reddit, Mio, Risu – Complete Info!

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Among us and hololive, both are doing great in their respective fields. But nowadays, it is heard that both are collaborating. Are you looking for pertinent information regarding both and their collaboration? If yes, then read this article thoroughly as I’ll be discussing hololive, among us and hololive among us. Excited? Let’s begin without wasting even a single second. 

Name of the WebsiteHololive Among Us
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Article ForHololive Among Us (2022) Twitter, Reddit, Mio, Risu – Complete Info!

What is among us? 

It is a game developed and published by Innersloth. It was inspired by two things – party game mafia and the thing (horror fiction). In this game, people play together to find out who they can trust. It is kind of a social deduction game because the main focus of it is on fights between two teams. 

At the start of the game, the player is given either the role of imposter or crewmate. Imposters are comparatively wiser than crewmates; they are very well aware of the other imposters. They kill the crewmates for winning the game without even getting caught by anyone. But if crewmates want to protect themselves and win, they either need to find the bad guy or finish repairing the ship. This is a little about among us, not let’s turn to hololive. 

What is hololive?

Hololive is a website for Vtubers. A Japanese tech giant owns it. Its headquarters are in Japan. Manu Vtubers are a part of this agency, some of whom work as full-time employees and the rest work as part-time. Confused what does the vTuber term means? A vtuber is an individual who entertains people by streaming. But they don’t show their face; they use a virtual avatar. 

Hololive among us

As I mentioned above – hololive among us is the collaboration between both. The holostars played the among us game, and in that game, they all tried to find out the game’s objectives. After they understood all the stuff, this collaboration became a fun task. It is considered as the most entertaining stream that hololive players ever had.

Hololive Among Us
Hololive Among Us

Some more facts about hololive among us

Below mentioned are some of the points about this fun stream and the experience of holostars-

Once the collaboration was done, the holostars regularly started hosting the stream. 

First collaboration

  • The hilarity to the first collaboration was when hololive stars were playing it; they were acting like they were really going into space. All the stars were adding some more hilarity to the stream. 

Every player was unmuted in the first round of the game. In that first round, Oga died first, and the group didn’t report the body. Everyone first gathered there. 

  • In the last round of the game, Ina killed Nene, and when she was blamed for it, she tried her level best to defend herself. 

2nd hololive among us collaboration

  • The second collaboration was also made to add more hilarity to the game and stream. 

27th October 2020

On this date, the among us collaborated with many holostars, including Suisei, Aqua, Lamy, etc. 

The 4th November 2020 session of among us with holostars kicked things far into the chaotic zone.

In the same manner, among us have been collaborating with different hololive stars from time to time, adding more fun. 

Why is among us collaborating with hololive stars?

Well, there is no exact answer, but the guesses are that it makes the game more interesting. More people will know about the game as hololive stars are famous, and if they stream among us, the game can gain more popularity. 


I’ve tried my best to explain to you hololive among us collaboration. I hope I’ve explained it thoroughly but if you have any questions, ask me in the comment area. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the most popular hololive member?

Gawr Gura is considered as the most famous member because she has more than four million subscribers. 

How much is hololive making?

Well, for getting the proper information, you need to look at hololive’s financials. But if you see the Vtubers earning, it is more than 5.7 million. 

Why did aloe leave hololive?

Well, the reason mentioned was that aloe was not mentally and physically fit to continue her career. 

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