How Can I Know Who Called Me from an Unknown Phone Number?

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Receiving phone calls from unknown numbers has become pretty standard for us nowadays. Deciding whether to pick up such calls or ignore them becomes tricky. Unfortunately, with the increase in scammers, it is not a good idea to pick up calls from unknown numbers nowadays. 

Sadly, technology can be used negatively, even by scammers. They can easily trick you into answering the call by using techniques such as spoofing, where they change the number that displays on your caller ID to fool you into assuming that you are getting calls from a local number. There are many more such manipulative techniques that scammers use to get to you.

Thankfully, on the other hand, we can use technology in several ways to identify if the call is legitimate or if it is from a scammer. For example, a reverse phone lookup like WhoCallMe to know who called you from an unknown phone number. Here we have listed a few methods to make use of which you can determine who is calling you and if you should pick up the call from this unknown caller.

How Can I Know Who Called Me from an Unknown Phone Number

1. Make Use of a Reverse Phone Lookup Platform:

We have saved the best for the last. The most effective way to discover an unknown caller’s identity is through a reverse phone lookup process. This is similar to a people finder tool, but instead of using a person’s name to find out information about them, you use their phone number. Hence the name reverse phone number lookup. 

This tool is very effective in determining the identity of the unknown caller and additional details about them, such as their current address, previous address, work address, alternative phone number, acquaintances, and so on.

When you search for a reverse phone lookup platform on Google, hundreds of pages claim to do this for you. You may get confused while picking the best tool out of so many. The premium versions are primarily good-quality platforms that offer satisfactory services. Still, it is unnecessary to spend your hard-earned money when you can get the same features for free. 

WhoCallMe is a free reverse phone lookup platform. This is the most straightforward, accurate, and reliable platform to find the unknown caller’s identity. It does not even ask you to log into the platform, reducing the steps and complexity of doing the unknown phone number search. WhoCallMe also helps you with its phone number directories, which include US area codes. That makes it easier to find the unknown caller.

We would say this is the best possible method to figure out who has been calling you from the unknown number and to decide if you wish to call them back or not.

2. Google It:

Whenever we need to search for anything, we usually end up opening a Google search page. It is a great place to start from. When you type the unknown phone number in the Google search bar, it is possible that pages that contain this phone number can appear as the search result on the screen. Google is specifically not designed to discover an unknown caller’s identity. Still, it contains all the online information and can help you streamline the search. It’s a possibility that the search result is not accurate, or you may find no results at all. If this happens, you can use the methods listed below. 

3. Download the App TrueCaller:

The first step most of us take when we receive calls from unknown numbers is to download apps like Truecaller, which can sometimes help you determine the identity of the unknown caller before you pick up the phone. The phone number from which you receive the call does not need to be stored in your contact to display the caller information.

Though TrueCaller identifies many spam calls, it does not give information about the detailed identity of the unknown caller. It is not a 100% effective app at times, as it sometimes fails to display the caller’s identity. This can be because of a glitch with the app, an issue with the network, or the database may not have the information about the unknown caller. This app can still be used to some extent to identify spam calls, but you cannot wholly rely on it. Additionally, you can also make use of this app to block these calls.

Also, the app collects data from your mobile, which can affect your privacy. It may even try to manage your messages by overriding your existing messaging app. Hence, while agreeing to change the settings when the app asks, be sure to read what you agree to.


When you get a call from an unknown number, ignoring it is not the best idea. For starters, it might be a call to offer you an opportunity that can be life-changing, or the call can also be from someone as dangerous as a stalker. Either way, if you ignore the call, it will not be beneficial for you just by blocking the call. If it is a stalker who is calling you, they will still try to get in touch with you one way or the other, even if you block their phone number. Hence, it is better to figure out this person’s identity rather than ignore their call.

Receiving calls from unknown numbers has become very common nowadays. Instead of guessing every time if this unknown number is from a legitimate caller, using the methods we have listed above will help you determine if it is in your best interest to pick up this call-up. If you were informed about who is calling you, then it can be the best way to avoid putting yourself in any dangerous situation.

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