How to earn rewards By Playing test your mettle catch challenge pokemon go?

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Test your Mettle is an amazing challenge. This quest is only present in Pokemon go, which means if somebody wants to play this challenge, he can easily play in Pokemon go until 21 September at 8:00. While playing the challenge, the player has the opportunity to earn a reward.

Still, for this, the player has to complete it before this time limit. To earn a reward, the player has to follow steps such as.

test your mettle catch challenge
test your mettle catch challenge

Step 1-

To accomplish the first step, the player has to catch 25 Steel type Pokemon and walk 2 km- Onix encounter. After making 15 nice throws under 20 balls, the player has to make 10 great throws under 10 ultra balls.

The player has to make five curve balls through under 10 Berries, and the first step is complete when the player uses 10 barriers to help catch Pokemon with the help of 25 steelix mega energy. As the player accomplishes it, the clear will be entitled to a reward: one magnetic lure Module, 2500 XP, and a Togedemaru encounter.


After completing the first step, the player comes one step forward to earn more rewards. In this type, the player has to cash 25 steel-type pokemons, then make 15 curve ball throws, after 8 evolve three Steel type pokemons, then make 5 excellent throws, then grab 5 different species of Steel-type Pokemon, and after it takes snapshots of 5 numerous wild Steel type Pokemon. As the player completes it, he will get rewards.

This amazing event is accessible only from Friday, 16 September, to 21 September 2021. So, the player has to take care that the player has to complete all the tasks within the time limit. Many catch challenges require capturing or taking snapshots of different Steel type Pokemon.

Like some Steel type pokemons are Aron, Magnemite, Bronzor, Klink, kartana, Beldum, etc. These are some steel types of Pokemon that the player can easily catch to accomplish the task.

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