Hownormalami (2022) Check Your Personality Based On Your Face!

Hownormalami is a website with a unique feature. The European Union funded the Hownormalami website to describe to the user how algorithms decide on you and your personality based on your facial expression.

Businesses use your face and expression data to decide if you are a suitable applicant, how healthy you are, how attractive you are, and how long you will live. With the help of this website, the candidate learns how a machine would judge them.

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It is a fantastic website. This website help to describe how normal you are based on specific criteria like your expression, gender, beauty, age, etc. The player doesn’t need to download this application on their device, and there is no need to log in. Hownormalami website was created by Tijmen Schep.


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How to use the hownormalami website?

It is very easy to use this website and get information regarding how stable you are based on several categories like-

  1. To use this website, the player has to open their favorite web browser and visit the official website of hownormalami.
  2. After entering this website, the player must allow the camera permission.
  3. Then, within 1-2 minutes, your outcome will be on your screen.
  4. This website delivers the decision about hownormalami based on beauty, gender, BMI, expression, interaction, etc.
  5. After completing the procedure, the player must press the normal button to see the result.

Comparing feature

Suppose the user gets a 7.0 score for beauty. Is it good or poor? To find out this question, the candidates’ results will also compare with the average score of all the candidates who came before you. In this way, the candidate discovers whether you are average or not.

The same happens in real life; these systems work by comparing us with others. An algorithm standard is defined mathematically as being the average one can confluence with being ordinary. Although, as in the current scenario, everybody is increasingly judged by such systems, a destructive effect may be that it creates a minute compulsion to act differently.

It’s all the more so because the system is so indispensable. Because your face is your fingerprints like no one can change it.

Is the hownormalami website safe to use?

Yes, it is entirely safe to find how normal you are because, at the beginning of the test, they mention that all the information the candidate delivers is safe, so there is no chance to reveal any information or your pictures. And also, as per the reviews, it seems that it is entirely secure to use the hownormalami website.


Hownormalami is a fantastic tool to know how normal you are and more about your personality and features. The information given by this website is based upon the mathematical algorithm, so the outcome present on your screen after the test is based on the AI system.

Frequently asked questions

1. Who is the founder of the hownormalami tool?

Ans. Hownormalami website was developed by Tijmen Schep.

2. Is to use the features of the hownormalami website accessible?

Ans. Yes, the candidate does not need to pay any amount to utilize the feature of the hownormalami website.

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