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https // /sc19/application

Everyone is going through a tough time during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many people have lost the lives of their loved ones, while many have lost their jobs. Many employees got a pay cut in salary, which proves that declared the pandemic as a disaster. Life is quite miserable for induvial who lost their job and found it hard to survive without any income.

Governments of every country are taking different measures to help people deal with the pandemic. The president of South Africa has come up with the Social Relief of Distress program, under which R350 will be paid to all the people who are currently unemployed and don’t have a source of income. 

What is Social Relief of Distress (SRD)?

Many people have lost their job and became unemployed because of the Covid-19 pandemic. So, the government of South Africa has come up with the SRD under which the government will give out people who are unemployed and don’t have income or UIF payments money.

Under the act, people who get registered for the relief fund will be given R350 every month. This amount will be paid until six months so that induvial can live their normal life and carry out the daily expense. But to get this benefit, one has to apply with all the required documents.

Sassa Application For R350
Sassa Application For R350

Which documents are required to apply for SRD?

People who wish to get themselves registered with the SRD are required to have all the mentioned documents:

  • Identity proof that includes name and surname
  • Proof showing unemployed or no source of income from any social fund or official department.
  • Gender proof along with age details
  • An identification number, and in the case of Refugee, one must have the permit number.
  • Proof of residence
  • If having any disability, show the proof of it.
  • Contact number
  • Most importantly, the applicant must sign the declaration and consent form to ensure that the documents provided are validated. The consent letter is available on the official site, and the applicant must sign it.
  • All the applicants must make sure to come up with all the required information and provide their banking information to get the cash transferred ot their account.

How to apply for r350 grant?

Induvial who are finding it hard to manage their daily expense can register themselves with SRD to get R350 every month. Applicants are not required to visit the official office as registration for the relief is done only electronically. The different modes to get register for the SRD are as follows:

  • One can apply through WhatsApp number which is 082 046 8553
  • It is even possible to email at [email protected]
  • An individual can even apply for SRD through the official site, which is https // /sc19/application
  • USSD number is also available to apply for the SRD grant: *134*7737#

These are some of the ways by which citizens of South Africa can apply for the relief fund. Applicants must opt for any one of the channels as only one application would be considered by an applicant.

So, if you are living in South Africa and are looking for any such relief fund, make sure to register yourself with SRD. Getting an aid of R350 every month for at least six months would also be very helpful in such a tough time.

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