HMP Human Meat Project Com, Donation, Hoax, Magyarul & France 2022!

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Human Meat Project Com
Human Meat Project Com

Human meat donation is done through the HMP Human Meat Project Com. It is done to reduce the overpopulation in the world, whereby the bodies are donated, and this, in turn, leads to climate change and the greenhouse effect, which have caused the mass farming of livestock animals, which is done to feed the world.

At HMP Human Meat Project Com, the main importance is given to everybody and every life. They opt for the source and origins from where they get the human meat that gets delivered to the diversity of our world and thus the worrying about the differences in quality of life across the globe reduces.

The organization of Human Meat Organization helps and secures each and every nation to get back properly to the rest of the world.

They believe that when one works together with the world, then we can help in the improvement of living conditions and thus help the environment with this global movement.

The organization is aiming to help humans according to them they do now live alone on the planet and this needs every one of us to survive in the globe and thus create a world that will help in the betterment of humanity and solidarity.

They state that all in this world are cardinal. As we are aware that the practice of cannibalism is not uncommon in living beings. The process is common in both the animal kingdom and also in humans, where the consumption of one own self has existed.

During the discovery of the New World, it was Christopher Columbus who brought the evidence of cannibalistic practices during the early ages which have come back in modern civilization.

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What is the meaning of the word Cannibal?

The word ‘cannibal’ originated from the name of the Spanish who brought the Caribs (Cannibals).

The Spanish had actually accused the Caribbean tribe of ritualistically consuming their enemies, but in today’s world, it is actually doubted if something like this had actually taken place.

The Caribs are cursed to be involved in an anti-colonial battle which was together with the European powers involved in it. It is also said that these things are just a propaganda tactic that was adopted to set fear by the Spanish group to provoke fear.

Thus, the HMP Human Meat Project Com believes that in order to save the Earth from the effect of modern civilization and lifestyle, there is a need to make a change in the ideas we are incorporating and also in our dietary choices.

They also believe that climate change happens because of waste, pollution, deforestation, and of overpopulation problems.

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