iG Tools Net (2021) Increase Your Instagram Followers & Likes!

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What Is iG Tools Net?

iG Tools Net: Well, we all know that people use Instagram Worldwide. We can say that more than 700 million people access Instagram to entertain themselves. About 400 million people open Instagram apps daily. And some incredible business friends update many Instagram Ads, Stories, and Business Tools, to such a large audience. Instagram has become the most popular social media platform.

So the question arises how to stand out from the crowd and grow your Instagram following?

But you don’t need to worry. We have shared many of the valuable and convenient ways to increase your organic reach. Now look at the list we have provided that will help you grow your following by using our sharing tools to find the best hashtags to use, running Instagram contests, and displaying your Instagram post on your account.

Normally, many free Instagram tools can help you with your Instagram marketing, from creating amazing posts and stories to finding the best hashtags, planning your Instagram schedule, and analyzing your Instagram performance. However, we are providing you with some of the most convenient and perfect Instagram tools.

iG Tools Net
iG Tools Net

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Some of the tools are shown below, which have great features according to their plan and offer :

1. Buffer

By using Buffer, you can schedule both single-image or single-video posts. Most importantly, scheduling Instagram posts in advance helps save time and make your profile well-curated and consistent.

In this, you will get a free plan that will help you do Instagram marketing for up to three accounts. You can connect with more Instagram accounts or can get analytics.

2. Photo Editor by Aviary

This is the most comprehensive and highly recommended photo editing app. By using a photo editor by Aviary, You will enhance a photo with a single click, add effects and stickers, draw, add text, and more.

In this application, over one thousand free photo effects, stickers, and frames are available. If you love to expand your library, then you can also purchase some effects.

You can use a photo editor by Aviary on Android, iOS, and Windows, which means there is no issue with which smartphone you’re using.

3. PicFlow

It is very easy to use PicFlow by using this, and you can create video slideshows of 15 seconds for Instagram in three quick steps:

The below steps to use :

  • Select your photos
  • Choose a music
  • Then surely set the timing of each photo by tapping.
  • And if you want to create a longer video, then remove the watermark. You can purchase it from within the app for less than $3.

And this. Pic Flow is available on Android and iOS.

4 Canva

Canva is one of the free design tools for creating images for social media platforms, blog posts, and more.

The expert team of Canva has designed Instagram stories templates that you can customize.

In this plan, you do not need to get worried.

The templates come in the ideal dimensions, so you can focus on the design and not worry about getting the aspect ratio and size right.

You have to pick a template and change the text, images, and background to your liking.

5. Adobe Spark

This is also a free tool that people love a lot.

It has a unique feature in its plan. You need to turn a dial in the editor, and you will get different design recommendations for your caption.

Adobe Spark also helps you learn how to create Instagram Stories ads, and you will receive 10 free Instagram stories templates there.


By using UNUM, you can perfectly design your Instagram gallery. The visual planner of this app can edit your photos and videos, draft your captions and hashtags, and schedule your posts with the app.

You will get 18 grids to plan your posts and 500 photos and videos to upload per month, which we think are enough for small-to-medium businesses.

To have more planning grids or a higher upload limit, then it’s time to get happy,

UNUM offers two paid subscription plans at $2.99 and $6.99 per month.

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