Injector Case Tarkov (2023) The Official Escape!

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Injector Case Tarkov
Injector Case Tarkov

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What injector case tarkov is?

 It is a container used to store injectors, stimulants, and other medications. It was designed with the idea of saving space within the gamer’s inventory. It gives nine inventory slots in a 3*3 grid and requires only one inventory slot for itself. 

Now, let’s discuss where you can find them – 


  • You can find it at the three-story dorms in the marked room. 
  • In warehouse 3 of the shipping yard- On an industrial shelf.


  • In the marked rooms.   

There are two ways to get it – either buy it or find it in the game. Many people consider it the best item in the game, so it might be useful for you too. That’s why you can also consider using it in the game. 

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