Iron Man Mask Voice Activated – Check Everything!

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Iron man voice of jarvis: It has been more than a decade since Marvel released the first version of the Iron Man film starring Robert Downey Jr. Blockbuster surprised everyone with the concept of a powerful exoskeleton (or suit) that had superheroes face their biggest enemy. Apart from being amazed by the costumes, some technology enthusiasts have also tried to develop their own versions.

Nothing worked, but some approached silently. A recent example of this can be seen in the video from Tik Tok by @theironshowman. The video shows a man trying on an Iron Man Mask Voice Activated and giving him some voice instructions in a hands-free test.

This may sound like any other Iron Man helmet you will ever see. But that is only until you examine how the Iron Man Mask Voice Activated actually works. Once you do, you will quickly discover that this is something you may not have seen before.

This is partly because the Iron Man Mask Voice Activated replicates the opening and closing sequence exactly as shown on film. While many Iron Man helmet replicas have only one component that moves up and down to “open” and “close,” they do so with a series of components aligned to open or close the mask.

Iron Man Mask Voice Activated


  • Material: ABS plastic.
  • Painting: chrome paint
  • A total of 35 parts are assembled. 6 servos installed, 2 cards and 3 processors work according to code requirements.
  • Size: Holds head circumference up to 23.5 inches
  • Sight can be exchanged between white and red.
  • Product owner: JOETOYS


The Iron Man Mask Voice Activated comes with miniature panels and motorized faceplates. The project took 12 months to plan and 4 months to redesign the electrical unit structure and make the model. Thanks to JOETOYS, your sincere efforts on this project have paid off very well. This is the first Iron Man helmet with the default greeting from JARVIS. The metallic sound on this helmet is also very good. You can control it by a lot of ways. The most popular of them is the voice control.

The Iron Man Mask Voice Activated helmet costs $ 300 (approx. Rs. 21000) and has free shipping. You will have to pay a fee of $ 150 as a deposit fee and the remaining $ 150 once the helmet is ready. 

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The Iron Man Mask Voice Activated is not yet available on popular e-commerce websites. In addition, the manufacture of this mask takes a long time and is entirely dependent on the manufacturer of this product. It is unclear on the website whether helmets are available in all countries.

You need to check the official link on the website for more information. Overall, the Iron Man Mask Voice activated is a great gadget to have for all the iron man fans out there as it comes with many cool features. So go ahead and get your Iron Man Mask Voice Activated now!

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