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“Irresponsible Puckboy Read Online (puckboys #2)” is a famous love romance book co-authored by Eden Finley and Saxon James. This book is the second part of the Shringa series “Puck Boys,” and this series is becoming popular in the category of gay romance.

The story is about the main characters, Tripp and Dex, who are best friends of each other. Tripp, deeply in love with Dex, boils over with his emotions and feels the need to escape from Dex. But when Dex breaks up and tries to charm Tripp, Tripp can’t stop himself.

Irresponsible Puckboy Read Online
Irresponsible Puckboy Read Online

Dex’s character in the story is famous for his indiscretions, but Tripp tries to give a new direction to his life. Forming this love story, they struggle to save their friendship and relationship, and their relationships play a pivotal role.


The worst part about loving my straight friend Dex is not being able to see it. Years of yearning for her love in my heart have exhausted me, and my feelings shouldn’t sway me. But I immediately agreed when his relationship broke up, and he wanted my support. If my friends say my biggest weakness is that I cannot leave her when she needs me, they are right. They say Dexter Mitchell is my weakness, but I don’t want to be strong if that’s true.

I have always been a fool. That’s what’s famous about me, and I don’t usually let it get to me. I have hockey, and my best friend, Trip. What else do I need? Is it fine? No, thank you. Marriage? Hard pass. According to my ex-girlfriends, this makes me “rude.”

But the solution to getting out of the fear of the bondage I created may have been my stupidest idea. Not only does it put team management down my throat, but it also puts a strain on my friendship with Tripp.

This PR crisis could make me lose the only person I’ve ever loved. Losing girlfriends is nothing. Am I losing Trip? This is not an option. I will do anything to save him.

Characters of the Story

Tripp: Tripp is the story’s main character, who is Dex’s best friend. Their feelings cover a love for Dex, but they try to hide this fact from Dex. Tripp is empathetic and kind and remains friends with Dex despite their hardships.

Dex: Dex is the story’s second main character, famous for his irrationality. They know hockey and love spending time with their friend Tripp but don’t want to be bound by a personal life. He firmly believes that he fears marriage or commitment, which, according to his friends, makes him “irrational.”

Highlights of the story

Irresponsible Puckboys (Puckboys #2)” is written by Eden Finley and Saxon James and explores various aspects of gay romance life. The book is the second part of the “Puck Boys” series and connects with the characters from the first part. Presents a new story.

The book features two main characters, Tripp and Dex, who are best friends with each other. Tripp, deeply in love with Dex, boils over with his emotions and feels the need to escape from Dex. But when Dex breaks up and tries to charm Tripp, Tripp can’t stop himself.

One unique thing about this book is that it presents courageously a struggle of love and friendship, in which the relationship between two people plays an important role. The challenges both characters face in this story are assigned to them with their feelings and relationships, which gives strength and depth to their relationship.

“Irresponsible Puckboy (Puckboys #2)” is a romantic tale that attempts to touch on various aspects of love, friendship, and conscience and should be an entertaining and enjoyable read for fans of gay romance.

Moral of the story

Surrender as Love: The story shows how vital surrender is in love. Tripp’s character shows that standing by his friend Dex through his tough times is proof of his love.

Importance of Friendship: The importance of Tripp and Dex’s friendship is shown in a significant way in the story. It teaches how important good friends are; they always stand by you, no matter what.

Managing Your Emotions: Dex and Tripp struggle with managing their emotions in the story. This shows how important it is to understand and manage emotions.


1. What is “Puckboys #2”?

“Puckboys #2” is the second part of a widespread gay romance sequence followed by the two main characters, Tripp and Dex.

2. Is this book available in Hindi?

I know this book is unavailable in Hindi, as its original form is in English.

3. Is This Book Only About Gay Romance?

Yes, this book deals with the extreme prominence of gay romance and focuses on the story of love and the relationship between two lead characters.


“Irresponsible Puckboy Read Online” is an intriguing tale of love and friendship that is becoming popular among gay romance fans. Through this book, the authors have brought alive the small moments of relationships, love, and friendship, allowing readers to connect with these characters.

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