Jacresults Com (2023) Jharkhand Academic Council Examination Results!

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Introduction Of Jacresults Com

Jharkhand academic council has the power to release the 10th result in 2022. The result will be published in June 2022 for the class 10th student on the official website Jacresults Com.

This officer website is especially for the student of class 10th. And sometimes, exams maybe last until April 2022. Jharkhand Academic Council has conducted or organized the exam across the state.

There are different exam centers where students from the 10th class come and give the board exam. Jac 10th result 2022 is likely to get published as the 10th result of the student of Jharkhand state. More than seven a student appeared in the state exam of class 10th.

Students of the 10th class and their parents are waiting for the result to come out and know how many marks they get in the examination or what kind of performance they did in the examination center.

There are more than 1256 examination centers in the Jharkhand where exams are conducted. Jharkhand Academic Council manages all the management and the exam.

Jacresults Com
Jacresults Com

Information about Jacresults Com are as given below-

  • It was launched by Jharkhand Academic Council, responsible for the 10th class exam.
  • The result of the 10th class is published on this site for the state of Jharkhand.
  • It is the result of class 10th on an online platform, not offline.
  • The result date is June 2022. In other words, we can say that it releases results in June.
  • It releases annual exam results, not the monthly exam.
  1. First of all, it is essential that the result you want to check is related to the class 10th student of Jharkhand.
  2. It is also very important to know which date the result has been published if you see the outcome that is not even published is not showing on this website.
  3. The 10th class student can check it with its roll number, so it is very important to have your roll number before you check your result.
  4. The information about the publication of the result is given in the local newspaper, so students do not worry about how they will get the information.

How to use?

The student of class 10th does not have much knowledge about how to use Jacresults Com. All the information about how to use this website are as given below-

  1. First, students who want to use this website have a Wi-Fi connection on their devices.
  2. Now, the student can type in their search box Jacresults Com
  3. The website is open on their phones. Now students need roll numbers.
  4. Now, students need to type the roll number allotted by their exam center.
  5. Students can see their results by typing their roll number and finding out their performance in the class 10th board exam.


Jacresults Com is an online website for the result of class 10th students. This website provides the development for the class 10th student of Jharkhand state.

IT includes information about the impact of the class 10th board exam, especially for the state of Jharkhand. This is specially organized by the Jharkhand exam centre or Jharkhand Academic Council.


There were various queries about this website’s full stops to solve all the questions. The questions of this website are as given below-

What is Jacresults Com?

it is an online website it produces results for the class 10th student of Jharkhand.

Who is responsible for its launch?

it has been launched by Jharkhand academic Council and it is specially designed for class 10th students.

Is it releases the result of another state exam also.

No, it only releases the result of 10th class students for Jharkhand state.

Is it also releases the result of the 12th class board exam of Jharkhand student.

no, it only releases the result of 10th class students for Jharkhand state.

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