Jeffrey Dahmer Crime Scene Photos

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Jeffrey Dahmer Crime Scene Photos
Jeffrey Dahmer Crime Scene Photos

On July 22, 1991, cops conducted a gruesome search at the time of searching for the apartment of Milwaukee serial killer Mr. Jeffrey Dahmer.

The police were taken to apartment 213 after searching for Jeffrey’s final victim, whose name is Tracy Edward, who somehow managed to escape and hit the street with handcuffs hanging from one of his wrists.

How did Jeffrey threaten Tracy?

According to the information delivered by the Los Angeles Times, after it, Tracy, whose age is 32 years old, said to cops that Jeffrey stopped him and threatened him with the knife.

When police entered the location to interrogate Jeffrey and search for the handcuff key, they also searched Jeffery’s room to find the knife.

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What things did the officers find in Jeffrey’s house?

When searching, the police officer found much more disturbing than weapons. About 80 polaroids were found in Jeffery’s open dresser driver with a naked poster and a dismembered body.

In Jeffery’s fridge, police found used parts of the body ready for consumption, and forensic evidence later revealed that the remains belonged to 11 different victims.

Crime scene photos taken in his flat in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, show the incredible horror executed by a charming and sober man.

What did Jeffrey do with the lifeless bodies?

According to his biography, Jeffrey reportedly murdered around 80 people. He hunted mostly Asian, black, and Latino men and the encyclopedia Britannica delivers this information.

Although, some people have linked it to other deaths that happen around him during his active years, and Jeffery has denied those other claims.

Jeffrey was systematic in the way he sorted and murdered his victims. In his biography, he would often pick up victims at malls, bus stops, gay bars, and other places, then take them back to his home with the promise of money or sex.

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