Rafinha Jo Soares Wikipedia (2022) Biografia, Filho De, Filhos De, Esposas De & Familia!

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Interested to know about the Bazilian comedian, talk show host, author, and musician – Jô Soares. You are at the right place; below is Jo Soares Wikipedia

Jô Soares was a Brazilian.

Biography of Jo Soares Wikipedia

He was born on January 17, 1938, in brazil’s city, “Rio de janerio“. His father was a diplomat, and he also wanted to become a diplomat at his young age. But in 1954, he began his artistic career. He was more interested in the writing and comedy fields, so he left his idea of being a diplomat and started working in these fields. 

He was a Roman catholic. His actual name is Jose Eugenio Soares, but professionally, he is known as jo Soares. 

Jô Soares’s physical appearance.

Jo Soares was 173 cm in height, meaning he was 5 foot 8 inches. He had dark brown eyes colour. The colour of his hair was grey, and he had a large body shape. 

The early life of jo Soares

Jo Soares was born in Brazil. He left his country for education in the United States and Switzerland. After completing his education, he returned to Rio de Janeiro in 1958.

Jo Soares Wikipedia
Jo Soares Wikipedia


Jo Soares established his career as a Brazilian comedian, talk show host, author, and musician. 

He began his artistic career in 1954, and at that time, he worked for “Rei do Movimento“. 

He began his TV career in 1958 at TV Rio. He wrote and performed comedy shows for TV Rio

In 1960, he worked on two famous movies-

  • O Homem Do Sputnik
  • Vai Que é Mole

He had worked in three TV series –

  • Faça Humor, Não Faça Guerra (1970).
  • Satiticom (1973)
  • Planeta Dos Homens (1976).

In 1970, he stopped working at TV Rio and started working at Rede Globo. Here, he played various comical characters. 

In 1976, he directed a movie named “O Pai do Pava“. He himself produced the film and worked as an actor in it. 

In 1976, he was also a part of ” A Famìlía Trapo” cast. 

In 1988, he moved to a Brazilian television network named “sbt” and worked as a host of Jo Soares at Eleven thirty. 

In 2000, jo Soares took his show’s format to Rede Globo. There the show was called Programa do Jô. This show ran until 2016. With this show, he has completed more than 8000+ shows

In 1995, he published his novel named ” O Xangô De Baker Street. Later this novel was translated into various languages. In 2001, it was converted into a movie. 

He was also known for producing many plays, including Richard lll. 

From 1988 to 1999, he worked as a host of the Jō spares Onze e Meia where he completed 2309 episodes

He was nominated for Prêmio Jabuti for biography, documentary and reports. 

Jô Soares books

He wrote two books named ‘A Samba For Sherlock’ and ” Twelve Fingers”. The first one was written in 1995, and the latter in 2001. 

His notable works

He was famous for his various works. Viva o Gordo, jô soares onze e meia and programa do Jô are his notable works. 

Married life

Jo Soares was married to Teresa Austregesilp in 1959 and divorced in 1979. 

In 1980, he married Silica Bandeira, but his marriage with her lasted till 1983. 

Then he married Flavia pedrans. He was married to Flavia in 1987 and divorced in 1998. 

Jo Soares children

He had only one child named Rafael Soares with his third wife, Teresa Ajstregèsilo. 

Jô Soares’s net worth

He has a net worth ranging from $1 Million – $5 Million. Jô Soares’s main source of income was acting. 


Jo Soares died at the age of 84 years on August 5, 2022. He has hospitalized at hospital Syria Libyans in Sao Paulo. he died in the hospital. 

In this article, I’ve mentioned every detail about the Brazilian artist, comedian, and host – Jô Saores. I hope you have liked the Jô Soares Wikipedia. 

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