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Joinmyquiz Com

This is a quiz website, through this you can participate in Joinmyquiz Com code, and check your level of knowledge.  The name of this website is  With its help, you get a chance to play the quiz.

So let’s know how you can register in it.  How can you increase IQ level through this?

How to Register in Joinmyquiz Com

For this very easy steps have been given in this article which is as follows.

Step 1

First of all you have to open any browser and search there ‘Joinmyquiziz. Com’

After that, click on the first website you get, then you will reach the official website of this website.

Step 2

There you will get the option ‘Create New Account’ with that you will get more option to login but if you are registering for the first time, Then click on the sign up botton.

Step 3

After that you have to fill the registration form, in which your name, password, e-mail etc. will be asked. After completing it properly, click on submit button.

Step 4

After that you have to login.  Then you will reach inside the website.

So in this way you can complete the registration process.

Joinmyquiz Com
Joinmyquiz Com best features

  • You can use the joinmyquizizz. com teleport feature to make quick quizzes.
  • You can also ask quiz in Google classroom through this.
  • You can also add the icon of this website inside your home screen.
  • You can also convert all the quiz questions into worksheets.
  • Brain workout questions are found in the quiz. Subscription plans

If you get some of its services for free, then you have to pay for some services.  So let’s know.  How are its plans?

In this, you are given a free trial only for 7 days.

  • Free Trial

In this you get to use all the features of this website for 7 days.  In this you can do limited activity only.

  •  Free Trial Best Features

 • All the instructions are given to the new user.

 • A person participating in the quiz can join from any device.

  • Standard plan

Here you can get 30 days of access for $19.

 Standard plan Best Features

  • In this you can participate in unlimited quizzes and polls.
  • Any type of assignment will also be available
  • You will get instant reports of all quizzes or any activity.
  • Premiere plan

You can buy this plan by paying $48 a month. 

Premier plan best features

 • Through this you can apply your logo and branding very easily.

 • You can also participate in e-mail export.

 •In this you will get restoring and new report of all your work, you can join more than 500 games and quizzes.

Benefits of using

Quizizz allows you to talk about assessments, homework assignments and many more in an entertaining and engaging way for students of all ages and keep your thoughts open.

All the topics that the user of the quiz likes or chooses.  Quiz is given to them in the same way.  Which helps them.

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