Kathleen Peterson Crime Scene Photos, Reddit & Death!

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Kathleen Peterson Crime Scene Photos: The death of Kathleen Peterson’s crime scene is still a sensational series and people are still in awe to understand what happened back.

Kathleen Peterson was married to Michael Peterson, who is a 58-year-old novelist. Kathleen was found dead at the bottom of the staircase in their house in Durham. It had been reported that Kathleen was found in a pool of blood downstairs of their mansion. Her husband Michael was accused of the first-degree murder of Kathleen Peterson.

Kathleen Peterson Crime Scene Photos
Kathleen Peterson Crime Scene Photos

Before the Kathleen Peterson Crime Scene Photos:

It has been reported saying that Michael and Kathleen were happily spending their December 8, 2001, evening together. Peterson who was aged 58, was a very successful writer; and Kathleen aged 48, was into telecommunications as an executive. Their marriage though not the first one for both of them seemed happy.

On December 9th, around 2:30 in the morning, Michael called the emergency number 911 to report that he has found his wife’s body under the stairs. Now what is shocking is the fact that Kathleen’s body was seen in a pool of blood which seems very suspicious.

Suspicion of Mr. Michael Peterson:

According to the reports, Mr. Michael has been suspected of the murder as they were many naked photos of men found on his laptop and there were also accusations that Mr. Michael was using men for his sexual desires.

Now the doubts are that may be that Mrs. Peterson had actually seen her husband and confronted him about this and thus leading to an argument that gave fire to the murder that took place later under the staircase.

Second-Time Staircase Murder in Peterson’s:

It has also been discovered that an old friend of the Peterson family had died in Germany in 1985. Elizabeth Ratliff had also been found at the bottom of the staircase of her mansion too. It was seen that Mr. Peterson had been to Elizabeth Ratliff’s house just the night before she died. Mr. Peterson had then later adopted Ratliff’s two daughters, Martha and Margaret, and took them to his mansion.

When the investigations took place in Germany, it was stated and ruled out that cerebral hemorrhage was the main reason which had caused the death of Ms. Ratliff.

But later in 2003, when the same case was reopened, it has been noticed that the same medical examiner who had also performed Kathleen’s autopsy now had performed and conducted a second autopsy on Ratliff’s exhumed body.

But then it was concluded that Mrs. Elizabeth Ratliff had also been beaten to death, just like in the case of Kathleen. But the sad thing is that no one was ever charged in Ratliff’s murder.

It has also been stated that the murder weapon has not yet been found and the case is still to be solved. Every time, Peterson kept pleading that he was not the one who killed his wife.

As of now, it has been reported that since 2022, Michael Peterson has been living in a ground-floor condo where his defense attorney David Rudolf reported that the house that he lives in now had got no stairs.

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