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About Kinnporsche Novel Pdf

Kinnporsche Novel Pdf is a Thai action romance drama television series that is based on a web novel of the same name by the writing duo DAEMI starring phakphum Romsaithong and nattawin wattanagithiphat. These series find him drawn into an Underworld Mafia by Kinn theerapanyakul.

The second son of this Mafia is attacked by an enemy causing him to sleep with them until he meets a young student whose name is Porsche kittisawasd.

Who was hired as a waiter in the entertainment establishment? That young student shows the scene in the entertainment establishment that how the Mafia is assaulted by the enemies but he did not pay much attention to it.

Then kinn presents an offer that if he saves him from the enemies then he would pay a certain amount in return. That young boy has a martial arts degree and is a national judo champion, so at last, he decided to help kinn to protect him from the enemies. Because of his striking skills, he wants to hire that young boy to be his bodyguard.

Kinnporsche Novel Pdf
Kinnporsche Novel Pdf

That young boy was opposed and reject kinns offer. But on the other hand, kinn what do anything to get what he wanted. After being terrorized by kinn’s enemies and kinn, had no choice but to agree.

That young boy did not want to be a part of his dangerous world because he was fear that the only person he loved who is his brother whose name is porchay kittisawasad, would get hurt.

In the end, that young boy accepts kinn’s stupid agreement and moves in to live with him. cast and crew- phakphum Romsaithong played the role of kinn anakinn theerapanyakul the second son Mafia family.

Nattawin wattanagithiphat played the role of Porsche pitchaya kittisawasad college student working in a part-time job and becoming kinn’s bodyguard.

Supporting actors

wichapas sumenttikul plays the role of Vegas who is the eldest son of the secondary Mafia family, jakapan putta plays the role of Pete, and he is the head bodyguard of Tankhun’s,

Jeff Satur plays the role of kinn’s younger brother and third and the younger son of the main mafia family, Tinnasit Isarapongporn plays the role of porchay kittisawasad as the younger brother of porche who is in High school.

Not only are these there several other characters in this series.

In 2020 September a production company filmania declare the web Nobel whose name is Kinnporsche Novel Pdf story and this story would be adapted into a television series.

In January 2021 a teaser trailer is released then after filling me ahead of a press conference and its traditional worship ceremony to kick off the beginning of this project in March.

And in July 2021 the writing duo daemi of the original web novel declared this departure from filmania.

And again in August 2021 a new and fresh teaser was released by the production of the company on cloud and the serious title was shortened to Kinnporsche Novel Pdf- the series.

And in November 2021 a press conference is held in this press conference the new cast was confirmed officially and the collaboration with the rock band slot machine was announced.

And in March 2022 it was declared that IQIYI would officially release the uncut version of Kinnporsche Novel Pdf- la forte.

Some reviews on this story are- 1. Lin said that first episode I already feel like this will exceed expectations.

Tylee Pippen said that it takes grave your attention within the first few minutes.

St yoohni said that he was impressed with this story after watching the first episode.


This series is very interesting because in this series it includes action, romance, drama, etc. And also the viewers are already mesmerized to watch one or two episodes.

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